Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Update

Today was just a good day overall :)

Scooter had an ophthalmologist appointment today. It was the quickest visit ever, they dilated her eyes and just made sure the insides of her eyes looked ok. They do! When she is older she'll have a real eye appointment. I think this appointment was set up because the bridge of her little nose is so flat. From some angles she looks cross eyed but that is really common for Chinese kids. He also said that her upper eye lids would be less puffy as she grew, that was just baby puff. Her upper eyelids did concern me some, my family has a problem where our eyelids get stretched out or something and they are lifted by cutting in the fold. Scooter doesn't have a fold and I don't want to artificially give her one. So good news about her eyelids (eyeballs too!)

I am really in my groove with the crockpot. The baby LOVES beans. They are the perfect bite sized food and they are nice and mushy. She just plows through them, it's so cute! I had a DUH moment today. Instead of making one big pot of beans and seasoning mine every time, use the two smaller crockpots that I was given that I've never used. So I made two different kinds of beans, one for me, one for her. Mine has those white beans, taco seasoning, tomatoes, a lot of Tabasco, ground beef and a little bit of cheese. Hers are milder, white beans, ground beef, carrots and a little bit of cheese. I think she'll love it!

I had someone ask if I was going vegan. Not really, I add pork and beef to the beans. I've always loved soup of any kind but it is just too overwhelming to make a big pot of something for myself. The baby likes soups too so she is making it more fun for me to make stuff in the crockpot.

The stock market is going back up. I lost 65% of my account but it's recovered to about a 40% loss. For some reason 65% is devastating, 40% is just bad. I think with day trading I can fix the 40%. Ok, I *hope* I can fix the 40%!

My Jan project is going so slow. But I am freecycling 6 trash bags of packing supplies left over from my Ebay days. That frees up a ton of room so I can sort :)

I'd like to do a free plug for something hahah I love Natalie's baby gap jammies. Today was the first time she wore them. I didn't know how a tight PJ was going to look or feel but she danced in them so we are all good. Regular price they are $19 which is insane. I got two pair for $4 something each the other day. Well worth the $4, I wish I had gotten all the different sizes for later on. Next time I will know! :)

I got the baby's quilt on the wall finally. I wanted clips but they were $30 for the set and looked complicated. I sewed 2 loops and hooked them on nails. I stuck fake flowers on the nails to hide them. It looks a little odd, but it was cheap!

Someone asked me how often I had to vacuum in a day. It is 3-5 times a day because of the furbutts

I'll leave you with one last picture, aawww

Night night!


christy said...

My favorite picture is the last. And, I love the blanket!

MyShelly said...

Wow! 65% loss?! Sad to say...me too! The last couple of days have been better. I used to be happy when my stocks went up $1 or $2 a day...now I am just hoping the $1 or $2 will continue so I can get back to where I started from.
Good luck!

K said...

I cannot believe we even have cats and vacuming a zillion times a day in common. We have to meet!

Michelle Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, look at all those kitties!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Yaay for the eye appointment! OUr little munchkin doodles has had several eye appointments because she was so premature and each has gone well. We have another one in 5 months...glad to hear your precious one is doing well!

Ouch, sorry about the stock market!

Mmmmmmm, pass some beans over here! I love 'em! ;)

Love the photos!!


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OziMum said...

I love your quilt! And like you, are all for, cheap! If you're not into the flowers, you could tie bows and stick them up? Or actually tie them onto the hook/nail if it sticks out enough?