Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yard Sale & Old Navy Fun

No shown, a pink top that I thought was a dress (a size 10 girls top, she thinks it is funny and wears it), an oversized tshirt and 3 hardcover nice winnie the pooh books. I've started stockpiling larger sizes, I'd rather resell them in my own yard sale later if needed, than to not have it when she needs it! $10.25

The little white skirt is a crinkle hippie fabric, it is really cute.

Old Navy had 50% off of clearance for 3 days. I bought the last of the kiddos clothes for next summer :) Missing from the picture is another pair of hot pink PJs, 2 pairs of men's pj pants, 4 men's tshirts, 1 men's polo shirt and 3 tank tops. I spent about $84 before tax, the total price before discounts was $413!

One for this winter and one for next.

For this winter and next summer.

Hot pink stripe for this year, Disney. The other two are next summer.
Next summer, I think these are SO cute! The skorts are terry cloth and were $1.24. The tops were $2.99.
The bottoms were $2.73, the tops were $1.24. This will be for this summer (with a belt!) and next summer probably. My kid is skiiiiin-ny, she can actually wear a 12 month if it is long enough.

Purple for now, stripes for next year, tights for this year and next. I thought the tights were cute for 50 cents.

I like this polo too, it was just $1.24.

The heart suit is for next summer, the mermaid one is for 2 summers away (just $3 each, they are so nicer than the suit she got this year).

Shorts, way big (5T) but $2.74 so I got them. The other dark ones are 4T, so a couple of summers away. The tan ones are really big 2Ts so she'll wear them this summer and next :)

I'll post some pictures of the kiddo soon, bye!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Pictures

Saturday was my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Now before you do the math (my mom is 60), my "Pop" is my Grandmother's 2nd hubby!

The kiddo was pretty good (she hasn't been good the past couple of weeks to the point of either she or I was going to get pills, lots and lots of pills. But she is back to her cheerful to love 2 year olds!)

After we took the cake apart, I decorated her head with some of the flowers hehe

She really liked her new hairdo!

I thought she was just drinking water fountain water from a cup...
nope, doing a swish spit - the kids at daycare do it a 2 year old thing? (and yes, I made her stop after I took the picture! :)



Then we went to the fireworks. This was the first year we watched them from the edge. Who knew they were being set off 200 feet from us? Great spot, no traffic!

I have lots of video too. I love fireworks.

And here is just an extra picture, Kaitlynn being all sweet and not so crazy kitten like.

Bye for now!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Final Payment - Woot!

I made the final payment on our trip to Disney!

Food reservations? Check!
Show reservations? Check!
Halloween tickets? Check!
Photopass preordered? Check!
Bank account at negative $500? Check! lol

We have free dining and are eating at some great places...
Chef Mickey (character meal)
Crystal Palace (character breakfast)
Le Cellier
Tepan Edo
Captains Grill
Kona (twice! yippee!)
Yak and Yeti
Chef De France
Grand Floridian Cafe

I am making packing lists now. We have less than 45 days to go now - woohooo!

I've printed maps on where to stand during parades, I know the hours of each park and where we'll be on what day. I have things planned so our beach towels can dry between water parks, I know the times for all parades and fireworks. I don't want to say I know it all, but I know a WHOLE LOT!

I got the baby these on Ebay for the trip:

This is the ebay picture, you can barely see Mickey on the leg.

And I didn't know really what I was getting with this because of the bad picture. It ended up being white and pooh is pink and purple and there are sequins on it! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Wedding Pictures

Chelle got her CD from the photographer from the wedding. Here are some different ones...

Getting dressed

Doing her flower girl thing

Here comes the bride!

This is one of my favorites



Me & Chelle

Mr & Mrs Smith!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Consignment Store :)

At my local one, if you don't pick up your stuff it is marked $1. Today was the first day peach and green tags were marked $1. I meant to go at 10 when they opened. I got there at 3ish. Check out what I got!!
Rothchild winter coat for this year, it is longer than the Gymbo one I bought last year so I'll sell the Gymbo one.

Old navy sweater for this year. NWT Little Me velvet jumper in a 4 for next year (would be a great Christmas jumper!)

The skirt is old navy (I paid $3 for it) for this winter, the jeans are for this winter (George) and the bright pink cords are Gymbo for this winter.
4 Gymboree velour items for this winter. Not to wear together because they don't go. But I'll be able to mix them with other pieces. The socks were a bonus, they were stuffed in the sleeve and they gave them to me.

8 tops, the first three on each row are Gymbo. All the tops are for this winter except for the blue one which is for next winter.

With this and the jeans, I just paid $30.29 this weekend for a ton of great pieces!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Yard Sale Time!

I've not done one these posts in awhile now :)

This is the great buy of the day. 9 pairs of jeans, size 3T-5 in great shape plus a Tommy summer shirt for next year for $9 total.

Top left to right
Guess (not a big fan of these), arizona (aren't the flowers cute?), 3 pairs of identical Levis in different sizes
Bottom left to right
Nanette (not a big fan of these either), mudd (luv em), 2 pairs of old navy

The kiddo needs 3T clothes for the fall/winter. I hope to find a few things yardsaling in the morning, wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Beach Pictures

At our shell digging spot..

Did you know that bobo floats? He must have foam pellets in his rear end.

Flying with the fireworks on the night of the 4th.

Our hotel's water park. This was across the street and we spent lot of time here.

Little miss was cold. It was 91 amd she was cold.
Sweet little face
Running around
Poised to swim (and she can with her float, she can go about 40 feet on her own)
Beach hair

She's just a wee bit southern :)