Saturday, July 11, 2009

Consignment Store :)

At my local one, if you don't pick up your stuff it is marked $1. Today was the first day peach and green tags were marked $1. I meant to go at 10 when they opened. I got there at 3ish. Check out what I got!!
Rothchild winter coat for this year, it is longer than the Gymbo one I bought last year so I'll sell the Gymbo one.

Old navy sweater for this year. NWT Little Me velvet jumper in a 4 for next year (would be a great Christmas jumper!)

The skirt is old navy (I paid $3 for it) for this winter, the jeans are for this winter (George) and the bright pink cords are Gymbo for this winter.
4 Gymboree velour items for this winter. Not to wear together because they don't go. But I'll be able to mix them with other pieces. The socks were a bonus, they were stuffed in the sleeve and they gave them to me.

8 tops, the first three on each row are Gymbo. All the tops are for this winter except for the blue one which is for next winter.

With this and the jeans, I just paid $30.29 this weekend for a ton of great pieces!

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