Monday, September 12, 2016

Meal Plan Monday September 12

I have a lot of posts to update but let's start with meal plan Monday :)

I have a new goal, I want to make some of our meals fancier. I don't really miss eating out (we eat out maybe twice a month) but sometimes I get tired of our meals. I am not interested in any recipes that have 10 cans of stuff or is full of cream of whatever soup.  So I am focusing on beefing up my Italian, and the hubs bought me a pasta roller. Real Italian food uses a lot of fresh whole ingredients. My pasta didn't taste bad before, but it was inconsistent in thickness. I think a roller will help a lot :)

I already grocery shopped to the tune of $76, we were out of everything. I still need to go to Kroger and use my T-bone steak raincheck and to buy the .99 blocks of cheese. I thought with the cheese, even though we didn't need any this week, I could calculate two blocks a week until the expiration date. So if I have 20 weeks, I might fill a drawer with 40 blocks of cheese. That will save me about $30 over Aldis prices. I got off on tracking our grocery spending, I want to start tracking that again. I need the practice because I am going to be a tracking queen in 2017. Not to jump too far off subject, but we are in our 15 year stretch to retirement. I have some fab things planned with my hubby and I want go make sure I have a firm grasp on what we spend money on.

Back to food, this is my plan for the week.

Monday- Pork Indian rice dish (I have a fancy seasoning packet)
Tuesday- Chicken casserole and broccoli
Wednesday- taking Chicken Alfredo and green beans to our Aunts house
Thursday- Pasta with sausage and tomatoes (light cream sauce)
Friday- Creamy Cajun chicken pasta
Saturday- Steak gorgonzola
Sunday-  Chicken cacciatore

If any of the recipes turn out well I will post the recipes. This sounds like a pretty heavy menu but we will have a lot of salads mixed in.

Have a great Monday!