Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cheapo Alert!

I have deals people! I'm all about not paying full price for stuff so I can put my moola to other better use (hello...adoption! :)

This weeks deals include:
Buy 1 can of fruit $1
Buy 1 can of tomatoes $1
Buy 16 cans of veggies (the 60 cent ones)
Get an instant $3 off with your card and use this PDF to get $10 back in the mail. For those who don't pay tax of food, congrats, you just made a buck. For us cheapos in TN, we about break even.

Also, head on over to ebay and buy one of these:
While you at Kroger, buy 10 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats for $15, then apply coupons. Then send off for the $10 rebate she includes with the coupons. 10 boxes of cereal for tax..ok, I can handle that :)

CVS- Buy 3 L'oreal products and get $10 Extra bucks back on your card. The have HIP BOGO and you can use shampoo. If you want to go the cheap route get shampoo for $4 a bottle or pick up three eyeshadows for stocking stuffers. You can use the extra bucks for the next deal and keep cycling them over and over :)

Walgreens - Don't forget about the Sept rebates, they end any day now. Oct starts on Sunday I think.

For extra savings be sure to match your coupons up with these deals for extra savings. I'll post more when I find them :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Disney :)

The first videos from 600+ pictures and videos from my trip to Disney!

Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing

Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing

Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cool PBS Broadcast

Someone posted this on my Disney Budget Board (save a buck, go to Disney club hehe). It's about retirement and the issues that are facing a lot of people.

Do I worry about retirement at 31? Heck ya. I worry that if I don't keep a corporate job until the day I die I won't have good health insurance and I'll blow through my 401K just like that trying to keep up. Cash wise minus the health care costs = not a bit worried....I'm that type of planner person, as long as I can work in corporate land for 20 years I'm good plus I live pretty cheaply and I think its fun to save money (I know, I should change my name to weirdokimmo). But the health insurance thing does bother me and I'm not sure what I can really do to fix it. Maybe I should worry about it in 5 years? Ya, that sounds good :)


Sunday, September 03, 2006

tearing up a little....

I found these pretty butterflies online tonight and thought they would be a good blog theme. So I have removed the hot hot Brandon Routh (aka Superman) from my header and put something a little more traditional there (but don't worry, he's still my desktop pic, wowsa!) I also took off the music from Track #2 from the Superman Returns soundtrack and replaced it with Sunny Spring- a very old song performed with a Qin-String instrument. Cool huh?

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I made $431 at my yard sale today and I didn't even sell a 1/3 of my loot and I've not gone through 2/3 of my basement yet either. I've not had a yard sale in 10 years and it felt so good getting rid of things I really didn't need. I thought about being a little frivolous and popping that cash directly into my cruise fund but instead I am going to teach myself a lesson (ha, I am going to be one of THOSE parents!). That money, along with the cash from the second sale at the end of the month and the ebaying I'll be doing in a couple of weeks is going into a CD and I am going to keep it for a long long time -- it might even be the start of a college fund. That is what I get for blowing all that moola over the years, I am bad.

It really makes you think about your place in the world when people come in and evalute your "trash". We had THREE Cadillac Escalades pull into the sale today and they bought some stuff (knick knacky junk) and that just makes me nervous for some reason lol. Its like "oh no, is my loot good enough for people who can pay 60K for a vehicle?". Silly, I know....... but I think it.

My favorite person today was a young mom who needed clothes and she wore my size. I was so happy to see her walk away with all kinds of nice things that I marked it down even more for her. She was thankful that I was willing to part with it and I was thankful she was giving my stuff a good home. It's a win win!

Next sale is Sept 30th, wish me luck!

Friday, September 01, 2006

November is out of Review!

Imagine my surprise as I did my shut down PC procedures today and checked out my 6 daily sites to discover that


What does this mean? All my friends in my DTC group are reviewed :) My LID is 12-5 so I am right around the corner. I will keeping my phone on me at all times that is for sure!