Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hee hee!

If you heard a little squeal around 1pm this afternoon, that was SO ME!

I went Ross-ing. It's my favorite store, but you probably already know that by now. Lookie at what they had!

Robeez! I love them! And I've never been able to fork over the $$ for them. Natalie had a knock off pair that I loved from Target but these are so much nicer :) For a whole $9.99 I got a pair of Robeez and 4 pairs of cute socks. OOOHH happy day! And I got them in 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months! Yipppeeee!

And while looking on Ebay to steal the picture above, I saw they had brown gift packs too. I am going to have to go "Ross-ing" in the next city too!

I will confess, I spent some $$ today on her. But I had to get it out of my system and I feel a lot better. My plan is to buy as much as possible used. But I like new shoes and onesies, shoot, even compact-ers will buy new undies and shoes.

I got 3 3-packs of onesies (one long sleeved) for $5 per pack. That is like the gerber price but they were Carters so that makes me happy. I also got this blanket for $5:

(ya I stole this from Ebay too, today is a lazy picture day). How funny is this? I am going to do a yellow bumper in the white crib and use this blanket. Second time around, you learn ya, I really DIDN'T need hundreds of dollars of baby bedding. Oops.

So now that I've scratched that itch, I can focus on my to do list. I have to:
1. Finish remodeling the den (pull up tack strip, put in hardwood, paint walls, paint ceiling and install 2 new light fixtures)
2. Get the little house ready to sell (clear out basement, seal it, paint it, paint the retaining walls, install garage door, paint various things inside and outside)
3. Market that condo like no one's business. Hey, anyone want a condo?
4. Sell the Camaro (ya, I have one, it is old, used to be cool, hugely neglected, it is a big blue pile of guilt)
5. Keep selling extra stuff. Next Sat is the yard sale - yay!

Whew that is it for now - see ya!

Friday, September 25, 2009

School Pictures

Yesterday was Natalie's school picture session. She said "I was good mama - I said cheeseburger!"

I think she looks so old in this picture!

I hope she was this cheerful for the real photographer!

She was moved to the three year old room too. I hope that peer pressures her enough to re-potty train. We were at like 95% before we moved to the house then boom - total backtrack. But that is ok, I won't get too worked up about unless she is like 4 and I have two in diapers!

(2 in diapers - that is a hint - but not until next summer - we are prepping tho!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Crocs Deal




Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The BEST trip ever!

Natalie had so much fun at Disney and was such a good little girl. She was just thrilled with the entire environment.

She also gained THREE pounds - go free dining go!

She danced, she sang. She collected lots of "stuffs" in her bag to to "wide on the monowail".

She ate and ate and ate. She met all the characters and only got nervous once and cried once. We had a hyper tigger at breakfast one morning that she wasn't fond of. And for some reason, Ariel of all characters, set her off big time. I think the fin instead of legs thing really wigged her out!!

OH and my baby learned to swim! Sort of! She has a swim suit with leggings that has floats in it. That with her blow up boat, she was able to stay afloat all by herself. We tried dollar tree swimmies but they were pathetic. Then I saw a rather chunky toddler wearing nemo swimmies so I got some for Natalie. They were so nice and puffy, they kept her 100% afloat. She was going from one side of the pool to the other. On her tummy, on her back, she was a little fish :)

Riding the slide at Blizzard Beach.

At night she'd tell me who she'd met that day and if they were pretty or not (Cinderella scored super high marks, along with Leo from Little Einsteins). She'd wake up every morning and ask me if we could go to Disneyworld today. Of course baby! She's also asked me every morning since we've come home too. She broke my heart the other day when I said no baby, we'll go again when you are a little bigger. She gave me puppy dog eyes and said "maybe for my birthday" then she sang happy birthday to herself.

There were several moments when she just slayed me, like after Toy Story Mania, she threw those little arms in the air and screamed "again mama, again!". So we rode that 4 times that day! My little gunner scored 9,000 points too...I'm so proud!

For those of you who are interested in a Sept trip, it is cheap and there aren't any crowds. The longest we waited was for the first Toy Story ride, about 20 minutes. After that, we rocked the fast passes. That line did go up to 50 minutes at one point (but not for us! woot!). And Peter Pan of all rides, also went up to an hour. But everything else was walk on. The cost was $68.21 per adult per day for room, food and tickets. And boy did we eat some good food! If it hadn't been so hot, I am sure I would of brought back another 5 pounds. I did however bring back a case of walking pneumonia which has worsen in the past day. I caught it on day two. Apparently Disney gave me enough rush to ignore it. Now I am on antibiotics and breathing treatments. Yay me.

We also hit the outlet while we were there. I scored a Belle ballgown for $13.99! It had been $64.99! yay! I also got several small things. I spent $110, but I tell you, it would have been $500 in the parks. Disney outlets rock!

Her favorite dress, a barbie one - don't tell Cindy!

After staying in both POP and ASMovies, I would choose POP. ASM shared buses in several locations and we were always the last to get on or off. The bus stops were also the farthest away. The POP buses came more frequently during the slow times. We toured the moderate resorts and I felt like they didn't offer enough to justify the extra cost every night. So our next trip will defiantly be at POP!

We did the photopass and between Jeannine and I, we scored over 200 unique prints. And of course, we've borders them and bedazzled them to death. I am sure we'll be well over 500 prints by the time we are done. I can't wait to print a bunch of them out. I took 800+ pictures of Natalie too, 250 of those went to print last night and I get to pick them up tomorrow (assuming I'm still breathing tomorrow). Natalie was tickled to have Sophie to play with, yay, someone my size! I'll post several of them this week.

But to sum it up, my child is wonderful. She is more snuggly than ever. She talks to me and tells me wild and crazy stories then just laughs and laughs. I can't wait to give her the photo album to look at whenever she wants!

We went to the Halloween party - it was meh. I don't think I'd make the extra effort to go back. She kept telling me "it not scary mama, it not!"

Magic Kingdom