Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I can't decide if I really like this site or if I find it horribly annoying. You can go to and sign up for her Yahoo group and she will email you 20 times a day to remind you to do stuff.

I think the concept is great but it is geared towards a stay at home mom. In the beginning she even reminds you to shower and get ready in the morning. Hello? Who the heck doesn't get ready in the morning? Even on my off days I am able to accomplish a shower. Yikes

But anyway, check it out, its interesting. The thing I do like about it is they preach not to clean all day but to do things in spurts. That is how I clean anyway, 15 minutes at a time, it works well for me :)

Walgreens June 2006

Attention cheapos! This month's freebies at Walgreens is a little slim but you get a free toothbrush and floss. You can never have too much tooth loot, what you don't use in a year you can include with your angel tree gifts in Dec.

So go, get your freebies and have lovely teeth!


Monday, May 29, 2006

Nursery - Take 2!

I am reorganizing the house, what a mess! I decided that I wanted the nursery in the front bedroom because I want a dedicated nursery. When Charlotte is ready for a toddler room, I'll move her across the hall into a room decorated it in a color she likes. So I managed to get the new room cleared out (formally known as the cat's bedroom/tool room) with a lot of help from my dad and I have sanded down the floor. Tonight I am putting down stain so I can have the floor finished by the weekend. Why? Because this Saturday my dear friends is the day that I paint!

I have been flipping back and forth but I made up my mind a few minutes ago. I am going with my original plan and use my red and white baby bedding. It is a really cute set by Pottery Barn, it is red gingham on the back and white on the front. It is then stitched with little scenes on what a child does during the day like eating breakfast, tying their shoes, brushing their teeth. Its redwork and I do like it. But my problem is, once the quilt is hung, you mostly see white. Her crib, dresser and changing table are white. Do I paint the walls red? Its a 10 X 10 room, will red work? How much red is too much red? I just can't decide. Wall one has just the door at the end so it leaves 8 feet of red wall. But there will be a white crib with a solid back against that wall and a white quilt hanging above it. Wall 2 has a window in the middle, so its about 4 feet of red on each side of very full down to the floor white curtains. Wall three has the same window in the middle but has a tall armoire on one side and a changing table on the other side. Wall 4 is solid and would be 10 feet of red. Too much? I can't decide if the white furniture will be enough to break some of the red up. I thought about getting some art canvases at Hobby Lobby and making my own pictures for that all red wall. If I painted the background of the canvas white I could paint red flowers on it. Maybe toss in some other colors.

And I think I am going to do color theme #2 in my kitchen instead. I think lime walls with a turquoise table set and white cabinets will be cute. I already have white curtains that I can trim out with the ribbons and yarn that I bought for the maybe nursery colors. I think it will work.

I'll post pictures once its done. I did attach a pic of my bedding, cute huh?

Update 6/01 - I've been knocked upside the head with a cold so I haven't gotten past the staining of the floor. Considering the floor is 58 years old, I think it looks great!

Bone Marrow

A year or so ago I signed up for the bone marrow program at work because Citi was paying for it and I thought it was a good idea.

2-3 months ago I got the call that I was a 6/6 match to a man in his early 40's who had childhood leukemia which is way worse to get as an adult. They called on Friday afternoon and Monday morning they sucked out a ton of blood to see if our different bloods were compatible (basically that his didn't try to attack mine) and to see how well we matched on the last 4 markers. Halfway through testing of the blood he passed away and we just found out.

So if your husband or dad died recently and was AB+ and had childhood leukemia and they told you they were working on a match then it might of been me. I am sorry he passed away before they they could complete his transplant :(

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Changing Table!

Check it out, I got this changing table on Sat from a yard sale. It was $150 from Penny's and I paid $25. I am in the process of spray painting it white, it is looking really good :) I thought 5 cans would do it but I need more like 8. So I guess its my $33 changing table/stuffed animal holder :)

Update: it took 10 cans of spray paint but it looks great! For those of you who might paint a changing table, the cheap $1 a can spray looks great and dries to a hard finish that will be easy to clean.

Fun silly blog things

Your Brain is 67% Female, 33% Male

Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

May Deals

I am the queen of promotions. I like to sign up for stuff, I love rebate and love points! I am going to start posting deals and I find them :) If you decide to do multiple credit card offers and they give extra $ in the first few months, be sure to stagger them. After all you can only buy so much.

1. I got this from the coupon machine at Food City. I was really surprised because I work for Citi and didn't know we had this deal. Go to and use code N1C1 to get a new credit card. You get 0% APR for a year, your balance transfers are free for the first round (normally 3%). But here is the fun part, you get 10,000 Thank You points the first time you use it. Once you make your first purchase, you get these points that you can redeem for $100 gift card. Citi likes to give points out as rewards to employees and I will be able to hook up my work account with my personal account and merge points. Some of the gift cards include The Home Depot, Target, Exxon and lots of restaurants. Be sure to set your cable bill and power bill for auto pay on the card to get more points :) 3 month potential is 10,000 plus another 1200 points (gas, power, cable, groceries). Cash value = $112

2. At a BP station coming back from the beach, there were paper brochures attached to the pump. You get this BP card and get a $40 gas credit when you make your first purchase (not sure if this comes in a gift card or on your card statement). For the first 2 months, you get a 10% rebate on BP gas purchases. Plus if you charge $1,000 the first 3 cycles, you get an extra $35 credit. So let's pretend you spend 1K in 3 months and $300 of that is in gas. In three months you will get a $40 bonus, a $35 bonus, $30 in gas rebates ($150 X 3 X .10) and another $7 from your other charges (1% rebate). Interesting that it comes out to $112 just like offer #1. I have not found the online link for this card yet, I will post it when I find it!

3. The Disney Card by chase is offering a $40 credit good towards the Disney store or a Disney trip. If you have a trip planned, every person in your party should apply for one and apply the credit to your trip. As an update, we added an extra day to our Disney trip and we are paying about $475 each for 6 nights in a Disney hotel, 6 days of tickets, and 6 days of a meal plan. I used a $44 credit that I had saved up on my part and my mom applied for a new card. You can go to and click on a banner ad to get this offer. 3 month potential is $40.

4. Walgreens Rebates - I love them! This month you get an Oral-B CrossAction Battery Operated Toothbrush, Softsoap Body Wash, 18 oz. & Advil PM Caplets, 20 Pack for free after rebate. To get started on Walgreen's rebates, go in and buy a $30 gift card. Pay for your order with this gift card (you'll have some left over, this month's rebates are about $15). When you fill out the rebate form, you'll have the option put your rebate back on the giftcard that you just bought. They will give you a 10% bonus for this option (its much cheaper for them to credit a card than cut a check) and you get it in 2-4 weeks. You keep cycling this $30 credit over and over. Some months are $40, some are $15, it averages out to $25 a month (yes I'm a nerd and I used to track it hehe). 3 month potential is $75

That is it for now, I'll post more when I find them :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Ok, make fun on me, I am really excited. This my friends is my new diaper bag. I got it at TJ Maxx for a whole $25, I should of bought two! After searching online I discovered it came in many colors, maybe I'll luck up and find a second one in a different color. I LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm back!

Did you miss me? I went to Myrtle Beach for 9 days and had a good time. We stayed at Dayton House this year and their pools were the best of any hotel that we've stayed at. Rooms were a good price too I think, we had a full kitchen and it was $68 a night.

The rumor mill has been turning while I've been gone. I still have 900 email posts from APC to dig through but from what I've spot read, we might get TWO weeks out of this batch of referrals. At this point since I have so long to wait its not really important, I still think I will get a referral at 15 months, around Feb 2007. I was pretty upset at that but really, what is another 5 months? Its a lot of extra $ saved up that's for sure.

My house fever has hit an all time high. I want a house on a certain part of one road. You would think that would be hard to find, but it seems like one comes for sale every 6 months. There were 2 for sale before I left and one sold. Now there are two new ones that are 50K less because they are 20 years older. One of them I really like..I really really like it....twitch twitch...its really hard to be good!