Monday, May 29, 2006

Nursery - Take 2!

I am reorganizing the house, what a mess! I decided that I wanted the nursery in the front bedroom because I want a dedicated nursery. When Charlotte is ready for a toddler room, I'll move her across the hall into a room decorated it in a color she likes. So I managed to get the new room cleared out (formally known as the cat's bedroom/tool room) with a lot of help from my dad and I have sanded down the floor. Tonight I am putting down stain so I can have the floor finished by the weekend. Why? Because this Saturday my dear friends is the day that I paint!

I have been flipping back and forth but I made up my mind a few minutes ago. I am going with my original plan and use my red and white baby bedding. It is a really cute set by Pottery Barn, it is red gingham on the back and white on the front. It is then stitched with little scenes on what a child does during the day like eating breakfast, tying their shoes, brushing their teeth. Its redwork and I do like it. But my problem is, once the quilt is hung, you mostly see white. Her crib, dresser and changing table are white. Do I paint the walls red? Its a 10 X 10 room, will red work? How much red is too much red? I just can't decide. Wall one has just the door at the end so it leaves 8 feet of red wall. But there will be a white crib with a solid back against that wall and a white quilt hanging above it. Wall 2 has a window in the middle, so its about 4 feet of red on each side of very full down to the floor white curtains. Wall three has the same window in the middle but has a tall armoire on one side and a changing table on the other side. Wall 4 is solid and would be 10 feet of red. Too much? I can't decide if the white furniture will be enough to break some of the red up. I thought about getting some art canvases at Hobby Lobby and making my own pictures for that all red wall. If I painted the background of the canvas white I could paint red flowers on it. Maybe toss in some other colors.

And I think I am going to do color theme #2 in my kitchen instead. I think lime walls with a turquoise table set and white cabinets will be cute. I already have white curtains that I can trim out with the ribbons and yarn that I bought for the maybe nursery colors. I think it will work.

I'll post pictures once its done. I did attach a pic of my bedding, cute huh?

Update 6/01 - I've been knocked upside the head with a cold so I haven't gotten past the staining of the floor. Considering the floor is 58 years old, I think it looks great!

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