Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Princess Palooza

I can't believe the blue one almost fits. I bought it for her when I could still tell her age in months.

Summer bits and pieces

I know I am neglecting my poor blog. Now that I have the text thing figured out, I'll do more updates. Here is some stuff bullet style....

  • Vacation was fun, you can see some of the pictures in my header.
  • While on that trip I decided to start writing short books for Natalie about our adventures. She'll like that lots. You know, after I actually finish one.
  • Natalie has grown like a weed. We tried on the fancy princess dresses tonight and they almost fit. I almost cried. I bought those when I could still tell people her age in months.
  • The second kid is on hold.
  • I have a BF (one of the reasons DD2 is on hold).
  • I am cutting granite on Wed. Plumber maybe by Friday? One thing or another has been delaying the entire project. I'm sick of the entire thing.
  • We are going to travel as much as possible this summer (well really, year). I am suffering from bored-ites. I am rethinking my cash hoarding tendencies and I'm creating a pretty decent travel column in the budget. I'll still travel cheap though.
  • We went to Harrahs this past weekend. They have been sending me all sorts of things, like long weekend trips to Reno. They finally sent a NC offer so we (bf & i) went and stayed there for 2 nights. I had a coupon for $50 in slot moola and it took 2 days to loose it (much to the irritation of BF who thought I should have quit while I was ahead. But it wasn't real money, it was freebie money therefore you must make it as fun as possible!). Then we went to Cirque de Chine and Soul of Shoulin (sp?). Two fun shows, the first is acrobatic in nature. The second is a bunch of guys beating the crap out of each other. Fun times for all.
  • We are going to Pigeon Forge for the big adoption event in a couple of weeks. That will be fun.
  • We are going back a couple of weeks later to see the Star Trek thing at Dollywood (Kim = nerd) and to trout fish in Cherokee. If you like creeks, Cherokee NC is the place to be. Tribal fishing permits are $7.
  • We are going on a cruise in Nov. Carnival Dream, western route - woohhoo
  • We are going to DC & NYC next April/May. It will be a 2 week adventure. We are driving to a station and taking Amtrak the rest of the way. I think it will be fun!
  • Assuming Amtrak wasn't a nightmare, we are thinking of taking a loop around the US with an Alaskan cruise in the middle next Sept. If any of you have done this, do you have any ideas on how to make it go smoother?
  • I really thought I had a buyer for the big house this past week. But they just wanted to play games with the price. I am still optimistic that it will be gone soon!
I guess that is it, I'll try to upload pictures from my phone. It doesn't send error messages but it doesn't post them either?
This is a test

(this is from my phone - I feel so smart!)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The kitchen granite. And nope, I'm not done. I shouldn't have tried to accomplish such a big project on my own. Now my whole goal is year end without having to hire someone.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

So today...

I decided to become a travel agent. Just for cruises. Just for Carnival.

How fun is that?

I've already completed state requirements and small business requirements for the state of Tennessee (very few requirements - go Tennessee!). I've applied at Carnival's site to become a registered TA with them. I kept the name neatokimmo. Not because it's the best name in the world, but it is my member name on several travel sites and I do have the blog. So clever? no Lazy? eh...maybe! I'll probably think of something better later lol

Why just Carnival? Because I only cruise Carnival. Right price and the type of stuff I like to do. I also really like their food. And the shows. And I've been known to waste some major pennies in the slots. I've also been known to waste major time just watching the ocean go by.

So I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from Carnival so I can price out our group cruise for next year. I've got my client spreadsheets designed on the other offline PC ready to go (I am a documentation analyst in real life, this is so up my alley). I have my funship Freddy poised at the top of my monitor. I'm ready. Hurry Carnival - hurry!