Wednesday, June 02, 2010

So today...

I decided to become a travel agent. Just for cruises. Just for Carnival.

How fun is that?

I've already completed state requirements and small business requirements for the state of Tennessee (very few requirements - go Tennessee!). I've applied at Carnival's site to become a registered TA with them. I kept the name neatokimmo. Not because it's the best name in the world, but it is my member name on several travel sites and I do have the blog. So clever? no Lazy? eh...maybe! I'll probably think of something better later lol

Why just Carnival? Because I only cruise Carnival. Right price and the type of stuff I like to do. I also really like their food. And the shows. And I've been known to waste some major pennies in the slots. I've also been known to waste major time just watching the ocean go by.

So I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from Carnival so I can price out our group cruise for next year. I've got my client spreadsheets designed on the other offline PC ready to go (I am a documentation analyst in real life, this is so up my alley). I have my funship Freddy poised at the top of my monitor. I'm ready. Hurry Carnival - hurry!

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