Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My kitty Fifi came home tonight!! She is super skinny but she is home! Now if I can only find Elvis!

The appliances have been installed at the condo. Tomorrow the paint will be touched up then I can call the tub guy and the carpet guy. Then I'll have a condo for sale! I am putting it up for $127,500 if anyone near me is looking. It's features include (hey, I have to spread the word somehow right?)....

2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Third Floor
Mountain View
New Stainless Appliances
New Carpet
Professionally painted
Whirlpool bathtub
A huge master closet
pantry, storage closet, coat closet (lots of storage!)
Covered deck
Sprinkler system
Covered parking
Storage unit/cage
clubhouse with pool
an apartment for out of town guests

Anyone want it? Please? lol

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Ceiling!

Natalie was very concerned when we moved her ceiling fan to the rental house's living room. There wasn't anything wrong with it except it was dark and her room is bright! (ok loud, but loud is bright...sort of).

Tonight she got a new ceiling!

(this was her conversation to Nana)
NANA! It yewwow, it pink, it blue, Natanee got new ceiling! BYE! (click)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Natalie's Mickey Mouse Room :)

$30 in wall stickers from Home Depot and we have Mickey! There are pink heads too, just out of the shot. I just cut the overlap off regular circles. Maybe someday I'll have the spare cash to spend $89 per set for stickers from disneystore.com but not for awhile!

Her bedspread is pink and her dustruffle is white. I will add ribbon trim to it to match the wall stickers. Her polka dot curtains aren't the best match but they were $23.97 for all three and they are nice and bright.

Speaking of all this Disney stuff, Walgreens has Ariel pool floats for $10 and beach balls for $3. They are cute and Natalie's little surprise for our beach trip this Thursday.

House Hunting for My Mom

Count the "pies from left to right. Pie 1, is my neighbor across the street then over one lot (I don't have anyone directly across). Pie 2 & 3 shows a lower roofline. It is the house Mom and I are looking at for her. To get Natalie from here to Nana's, I would walk across the cul-de-sac, walk about 60 feet along the neighbor's pool fence and open her backdoor.

It is very convenient for me. Very unsettling for my Dad, even though it has been 20 years, does anyone really want their ex so close by? lol

Updated - the house is nice. It is slightly larger than my house but a lesser quality. Carpet (ugly carpet) instead of hardwood. No fireplace. No gas heating system or water filtration system. They paid a lot for it and they are trying to get their money out of it plus a lot (he lost his job, they HAVE to move). They have priced it 39K more than what I paid for my house and it is just 23 square feet bigger. I have a nicer lot too. Actually, they paid 4K more for it than I paid for this place in 1994 (so they are trying ot make 35K). So I wish them the best of luck, but it just isn't a deal (like when I walked into this place I knew it was a deal and that added to the decision on whether to buy it) and my Mom can't afford what they need out of it. Actually I really hope they sell it for the list price, that will add to the sell price of my house someday!

2 Year School Picture

Too bad they were $15 a sheet or I would of bought lots. Three or four poses plus the class picture. They were all really cute.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

3 weeks of pictures :)

So not in order, but here we go!

Elvis, Fifi and Marie were moved to the new house. Elvis and Fifi promptly ran away. I've been handing out flyers and checking the pound with no success :(

On the way to the city pound to make sure they hadn't been picked up, I saw something on the side of the road. It was partially covered up in a drainage ditch. First, I thought dead squirrel. Second, dead kitten. Nope, live kitten! She was covered in tar and had rocks matted in her fur. She was pitiful. When I went to the pound, I think her siblings were there. They were about the same size and the same color. How did she escape?

After several baths, she is so cute and acts like a kitten now :) She scared me last night when she decided to jump from the second story to the first and landed on a wooden stair. She made an awful thud and squeak. And she was very weird for about 30 minutes. But she seems ok now. Kittens must be made like 2 year olds, rubber and crazy glue!

(and I sort of think that I'll never see Fifi and Elvis again, that is why I was given the kitten. Natalie named her Kaitlynn after her best friend at school.)

Bye bye yellow! Hello chopstick!

My pretty yellow flowers. I think they were lilies of some sort. They bloomed for about a month and died off. But now they are coming back with more blooms. I have another ring of what I thought was decorative grass that bloomed too. With deep red lilies. I hope to add more bulbs on the sides of the house when I have more $$.

My pretty little girl!Natalie's walls, a work in progress. I have green and purple circle to work with too. Once I get everything up, I'll trim off the excess circle to get a clean mickey head.

Her curtains. Natalie's room is still a mess. heck the house house is a mess. And let's not even talk about the condo.

Chelle's wedding (really out of order!)

Cake! My dress was about the color of the frosting.

I like this picture a lot :)
My child posing with her dollars. She can be bribed with dollars. Probably not the best habit to promote huh?

BTW, my kid could so be a professional flower girl, she was so cute! She did step-step-petal. Then at the end she did a handful. And when she came to stand next to me, she blew kisses to the crowd when the was a music delay. What a ham!

Her mom and step-dad.
His mom & dad.
Posing in the loft, getting ready.
Putting on her "heee-aalls".
My new commute. In the other house, I drove over a mountain, it was quite a pretty drive. The condo was pure city, nothing to see. Now it is half nature, half city.

First you head towards all the trees...

Then you drive through them..

Then you cross the lake...

Then you pass the golf course...

Then you get it a mess of expensive mini-mansions. Keep going to where the normal houses are. That is where we live!

The baby giving me the stink eye. I post this just to prove she isn't always sweet and to show you my bedroom color. It has grown on me, much darker and brighter than I wanted. But it is very beachy so I'll live with it for awhile.

Bye bye yellow!Hello meander blue!

My chair project...

Before - several years of sun had done a number on the chairs.

And after - I am the QUEEN of spraypaint!

Super excited about her new bathing suit! (notice the tan wall!)

Whew I think that is it. It is going to take me 6 months to get everything set. It doesn't feel like home yet, I guess because I'm afraid to mess it up. And funny as this sounds, I'd much rather be in my little house still. It was hom-ier.

Bye for now!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We are back!

Our stuff is moved but a huge mess! We finally have cable again - woohhoo!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Update

Bullet style!

  • We've halfway moved in. Our mattresses and clothes are there. No TV or computer for a week is WEIRD!
  • Living room, dining room and hallway color turned out great (light tan). I'll use that color in the foyer, baths and den too.
  • My light blue kitchen color is fantastic!
  • My light turquoise color in my room has grown on me. I didn't like it at all when it was done, it was just too bright. To quote my brother "you just covered up one crazy color with another one". Gee thanks.
  • We are in a wedding tomorrow so I'll have some cute pictures to post.
  • I started using some of my beads from China. I used 19 different ones for my bridesmaid necklace in turquoise, purple, green and white. I also made the baby a pink pearl and green glass necklace to wear with her dress that is really cute.
  • The movers are coming on Sunday to get all the furniture. I think next weekend we'll start getting the condo ready to be sold.
  • After being cramped for so long, it is really weird to have all the extra space. It is about 800 square feet plus a 2 car oversized garage extra.I go days without even going downstairs.
  • The baby is almost sleeping in her own room in her own new little bed. Woohoo!

That is it for now, I'll post pictures later :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Just a few pictures....

I keep forgetting to take my camera to the house. We went there today after work with another truckload of stuff. We only have a few more loads before we can call the movers to come and get the furniture :)

The baby is totally enthralled with the house, she gets to do a lot of stuff that other little kids do. We just haven't had the right environment. She rides her big wheel, plays with chalk on the driveway, takes rides in her stroller and yodels in the living room because it is empty and it echos lol

I hope to spend the weekend in the house, even if we are camping :)

Whose cat is he exactly?
He likes Dad better than me now. He seems to forget who has taken care of him for the last 9 years!
Happy with Grand-papa

Big Wheel fun!

Ready for school

Bye for now :)