Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Update

Bullet style!

  • We've halfway moved in. Our mattresses and clothes are there. No TV or computer for a week is WEIRD!
  • Living room, dining room and hallway color turned out great (light tan). I'll use that color in the foyer, baths and den too.
  • My light blue kitchen color is fantastic!
  • My light turquoise color in my room has grown on me. I didn't like it at all when it was done, it was just too bright. To quote my brother "you just covered up one crazy color with another one". Gee thanks.
  • We are in a wedding tomorrow so I'll have some cute pictures to post.
  • I started using some of my beads from China. I used 19 different ones for my bridesmaid necklace in turquoise, purple, green and white. I also made the baby a pink pearl and green glass necklace to wear with her dress that is really cute.
  • The movers are coming on Sunday to get all the furniture. I think next weekend we'll start getting the condo ready to be sold.
  • After being cramped for so long, it is really weird to have all the extra space. It is about 800 square feet plus a 2 car oversized garage extra.I go days without even going downstairs.
  • The baby is almost sleeping in her own room in her own new little bed. Woohoo!

That is it for now, I'll post pictures later :)


K said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of the painting results. I had to delay painting after deciding that the panelling needs to come out and not be painted over.

I hope you get settled in fast. I'm finding it very slow going, unexpectedly so, due to having my two businesses. I can't get my pattern business settled until a friend gives me her old desk, so stuff that's supposed to go in that room is still all over the place.

Please check out my blog when you can. I have a new family member.

RamblingMother said...

hope you get settled fast. funny thing about cats they seem to have no real loyalty. love the pics of your dad and your cat.

Kim said...

Pics when you can!! Can't wait to see them! Natalie is getting cuter by the second!!