Sunday, June 28, 2009

Natalie's Mickey Mouse Room :)

$30 in wall stickers from Home Depot and we have Mickey! There are pink heads too, just out of the shot. I just cut the overlap off regular circles. Maybe someday I'll have the spare cash to spend $89 per set for stickers from but not for awhile!

Her bedspread is pink and her dustruffle is white. I will add ribbon trim to it to match the wall stickers. Her polka dot curtains aren't the best match but they were $23.97 for all three and they are nice and bright.

Speaking of all this Disney stuff, Walgreens has Ariel pool floats for $10 and beach balls for $3. They are cute and Natalie's little surprise for our beach trip this Thursday.


iamwright said...

Kim, I LOVE it! That's it.. I'm flying you out here to make my house look cute! as we know it. said...

That's a great idea, I love it!
I am sure Natalie loves it too!