Monday, June 01, 2009

Just a few pictures....

I keep forgetting to take my camera to the house. We went there today after work with another truckload of stuff. We only have a few more loads before we can call the movers to come and get the furniture :)

The baby is totally enthralled with the house, she gets to do a lot of stuff that other little kids do. We just haven't had the right environment. She rides her big wheel, plays with chalk on the driveway, takes rides in her stroller and yodels in the living room because it is empty and it echos lol

I hope to spend the weekend in the house, even if we are camping :)

Whose cat is he exactly?
He likes Dad better than me now. He seems to forget who has taken care of him for the last 9 years!
Happy with Grand-papa

Big Wheel fun!

Ready for school

Bye for now :)


K said...

Hi! I'm just finally able to catch up on blogging. Late last night, rather, extremely early this morning, I posted pictures of my new house. I love the ceiling in your livingroom.

I can't wait until we're both done and post final pictures.

Yesterdays big project for me was the downstairs kitchen. It's halfway there, just putting things away, no decorating yet. Well, I guess you could say I'm undecorating what's there now.

My contractor came and put up a beam under my patio roof so I could hang my baby swings. I'm now in heaven. I absolutely rely on the swings when I load and unload babies from the stollers and car and when I need a handy place to put one where they'll be happy.

Today's project is to move the cats out of their little room and put them everywhere else. as we know it. said...

Hope your moving and decorating is going well...girl you must have tons of energy!

Tricia said...

I miss your blogs - are you guys doing okay with the new house? Just checking in. Let us know how it is going when you have a second. Take care,

LID 7-22-06

Angie said...

WOW! Natalie is such a big girl! I am excited to see your new house all done...I bet you are too!