Sunday, May 31, 2009

Problem Solved!

The awful spot on my house? Paint transfer, not a gouge like it felt :) My brother who remodels for a living was able to fix it woohhoo (this is my happy dance!)

My yellow walls are now a light tan :) Nice boring tan! And they left a can of white trim paint and when I left he was fixing all the baseboards too. The last painter was a little sloppy and bits of yellow were everywhere. Plus when you install baseboards new 8 years ago, they just need a little paint after that long you know?

Now that the walls are lovely, the light fixtures are so blah. I am falling into the trap, fix one thing and the thing that weren't too bad before now just glare! But I'll have to save up for new fixtures, I have to replace 4 at one time (foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen) so they go together and that is big bucks. I seem to like a lot of fixtures in the $150 range at Lowes. They have the prettiest lights! But $600 plus tax? Ya, I'll have to save up for that :)

Picture time!


In progress

The picture is a little misleading because my phone doesn't take very good pictures. it looks white but it is really like tan, like a creamy tannish ivory. I will take a better picture tomorrow :)

Natalie's room looked great last night but when it dried it looked horrible. That is what happens when you use regular paint :( I have to buy more of the good stuff this week. But I did paint her headboard! It need 2-3 more coats but by golly it is the purply purplist twin headboard ever! I off to Ebay now to check out quilts. I've not had a lot of luck finding one I like for her.


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