Sunday, May 24, 2009


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We went yard-sale-ing yesterday :) The baby got an annoying barbie camcorder that plays music and a pair of new Mickey Mouse ears for just $1 :)

Then, I got three old navy canvas purses for just $1 each. One is really nice, one is really cool, one is nice and simple. I am going to sell a couple of my Vera bags, I don't like the mod blue one that everyone else loves and I don't like the java blue one either (it still has its tags).

Then we went to a big beautiful house down the street from my new house (I mean it was a castle!). I got three Winnie the Pooh pictures for $2 each, a pair of new shoes for the baby for $1, a 3 X 5 Pooh rug for $3 and three baby outfits (one with tags) to resell for just 50 cents each :) I am going to do the baby's room in Disney so I was pleased to find the rug and pictures!

I also had another walk through yesterday. Everything looks great, I wish they had moved out their stuff already. And I wish I had asked for their upright freezer in the garage, it is the perfect size. Oh well :)

We went to Lowes for deck stain and I lost quite a bit of time in the lighting department. They have such pretty fixtures! Yesterday Dad pointed out that when I replace the dining room light, I need to replace the foyer light too, they are a set. Dad liked the smaller ones, I liked the medium sized ones. I think I'll be able to buy a great one for $150 or less for each spot. I'll have Lowes install the foyer one tho, it is 1.5 stories tall, I think $99 is a good price to pay to guarantee my Dad won't fall and kill himself!

We also bought spray paint for his deck chairs. He bought them several years ago and they were over $300. After the harsh FL sun, the paint deteriorated pretty fast and you could see bare aluminum in spots. One $3.50 can of spray paint later and they look great :) I will post before and after pictures, it really is amazing.

He is fetching the deck stain today and I'll be painting the floor this long weekend. Then I can mark the deck off my to-do list and start packing up closets :)

The baby is with Mom so we went to see Star Trek but we were too late. So we saw Terminator instead. Good movie! I did guess several of the big things tho, that was disappointing. But I didn't expect to see Arnold so that was cool :)

Whew I think that is it? Four days left! :)

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