Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Saturday

Saturday was rush rush rush!

First, I woke up at the crack of dawn literally. The curtain rod in our room broke and I'm not going to buy a new one to use for 2 weeks that doesn't fit the new house. So when the first ray of sunshine hits that window, I'm awake!

Dishes, laundry and tons of other cleaning later, we are at a fundraiser breakfast by 9 or so. Then we went to three yardsales and spent $17

To resell at the consignment sale...
18 baby boy outfits (25 cents each)
10 bibs (50 cents)
3 piece set of Russ Lamb nursery items (with tags, 25 cents each)
1 TY beanie buddy with tags (25 cents)

For Natalie
An Elmo music toy (25 cents)
3 adorable dresses ($3, $2, $2)
$2 dresses. The $3 is the one in all the pictures below.
a Mickey Mouse shirt (25 cents)
4 TY beanie buddie bears in solid colors (the only thing I regretting selling a couple of weeks ago were some of the beanie buddies I had bought way before she was born. These look new with tags and are cuter than the ones I sold for $1 each woot! 25 cents each)

for Me
A sealed purse size photo album (25 cents, just from dollar tree but I needed one so that to me is the best deal!)
2 retro yellow tupperware containers for sugar and flour ($1)

We drove out to the house to see the mitigation system. I couldn't see it, so that has to be a good thing :) My tentative closing date is a week from Thursday! The appraisal happened today and it came in at over my price. The second radon test will be complete in a day or so. I've given the bank everything except a quart of blood so they should be set too. Anyway...

she slept, I cleaned more (I should of slept). Then off to my Grandfather's 80th birthday which was 45 minutes away. We stayed for a couple of hours (it was a meet and greet cake thing) and the baby was crazy hyper from the cake!

The went went straight to church for the pig pull fundraiser. The baby doesn't eat a lot of meat, she was all about the beans and huge rolls!

Afterwards....she had chocolate cake and bbq beans in a white dress. And she didn't spill a drop on her little white dress!
This is the little dress, I know it is older Gymbo (from 2004) but I thought it was rather pretty. original price was $49, I paid three :) Why can't I find clothes like those for me? lol

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