Saturday, May 30, 2009


A ton of stuff has been moved. The baby's room has been painted. I cut the hall and dining room so the rest of the primer can be rolled tomorrow. I picked out my paint, it is called chopstick! Now how could I not buy a paint called that?

I chickened out on buying my turquoise paint for my bedroom. I am not sure why because I can just repaint it if I don't love it. I can't decide if I want to be blue-green or green-blue (does that make sense?). Just too many choices! I think I might toss all the ones I like into a bowl, close my eyes and just get one!

We were super busy today. I bought paint, bought purple wave petunias and moved a truck load of stuff from the condo. The den carpet was cleaned, Natalie's room was primed and painted and I partially prepped the hall and dining room. I planted my petunias in the front planters and found two plant stands and a pot in the backyard. I got Dad to fetch spray paint for me and for a mere dollar, I now have two great black shiny plant stands and one black pot. I put one stand by the front door, I have to buy a pot for it (or find an old one to paint!) . I put the other over my underground utility box in with other landscaping and loaded it down with the petunias. I am hoping they'll "wave" all the way out of the pot to cover that weird box. Dad also moved a lot of stuff from my little house's basement including my desk, two twin headboards and the little nightstand that matches my desk. One headboard is for Natalie's room, the second is a spare in case I need I mess up the first lol Otherwise it is going in the yardsale. My desk and night stand are going to be refinished because they are old (like from the 40s) and are real maple.

Tomorrow the living room, dining room, hall and kitchen will be painted. Tonight I opened what I thought was a can of white paint and it was a $5 oops can of green paint from Lowes, almost the exact color I was pondering at Sherman Williams today! So to Dad's horror, I put a 1 X 1 square of it on the wall to see how it looks with the cabinets. I have decided it is a go, and if I don't like it, I'll just paint again next month :)

Today I started liking my house. I know that sounds funny but I bought the most practical nice house I could find that suited our needs. Not a thing in it screams KIM like my other little house did (and still does). But planting my favorite flowers and messing with planters made me happy. Then painting the baby's room gave me a little oomph towards liking it. I guess as I remove the previous owners smells (they apparantly were addicted to fruit smelling air freshners, it was sickening) and their odd paint choices, it feels more like me. I can't wait to see my nice boring tan cover up the goldenrod yellow!

I do love my hardwood tho. And I do LOVE having a garage again! And I like my landscaping.

Oh and listen to this, there was a major glitch when I went to the house right after closing. There was a big chunk taken out of a piece of my siding, right in the middle, right under a window, right in the front! Their moving company hit the house with their truck. And no one told me. Claimed they didnt see it. I saw it in my rear view mirror backing into the driveway, there wasn't anyway to miss it. So the movers insurance is suppose to fix it. They mentioned taking a piece from the back to put on the front. Hm no, why would I want a big chunk out of my siding anywhere? So there is a good chance I am getting new siding which is good and a pain all at the same time (and really killed the yay I bought a house mood I had when I signed the papers). Really I'd just rather have the old siding, chunk free!

Whew that is enough for now, bye!

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Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What an adorable video of Natalie!!! I can't wait to see your painted walls and NEW siding!! :)