Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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I have a todo list a mile long (I know, then why am I on this computer?lol). Not only do we have to move all our stuff, things need to be organized into keep, sell and toss piles. AND the condo has to be cleaned up and fixed up to be sold. I bought a stainless 5 burner range, a stainless dishwasher and a black built in microwave the other night. Original prices put it at $1875 but I only paid $1075 because they were floor models (the dishwasher was surplus). Once those are installed, the fridge is moved out and the tile mosaic is put in the floor (we have some broken tiles) we'll have the best kitchen out of all 36 units. We'll then clean carpet, touch up paint and put in a new spa shower in Dad's bathroom (we'll advertise handicap friendly!). I also want to paint the deck floor because everyone else did it, and I don't want someone on our deck glancing over at the neighbors and ours coming up short. But anyway, we'll be like those HGTV shows with a 2K budget and we'll get it sold! :)

My appraisal came in today and it had a pretty picture of the house on it:

Much nicer than the picture the listing Realtor had (the sun is shining!)

I close at 1:00 pm on Thursday May 28th. I think I am finally excited about it and I think I'll go pack!

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