Friday, May 22, 2009


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I packed up quite a bit in our bedroom tonight for the move. Dad thinks we should take it nice and slow. I think we need to just get it done, get the condo done and get it sold. Why pay two mortgages if you don't have to?

I watched one of the first Jon and Kate shows tonight. I really liked THAT family. Too bad that isn't them now. I hope it all works out ok for the kids.

Today the credit card reform bill was signed. If you use credit cards and have good credit with good rates then you are screwed. Sorry but we'll be charging you the deadbeat rate because the democrats have decided we can't penalize people who don't pay on their accounts like they are suppose to. So the burden of the cost of business is going to be on everyone. Be sure to check your fine print and any change in terms offers for your cards. Gone will be the days of great transfer promo rates too. Oh well. People tell me that I don't have a lot of say since I work for a CC company and we got bailout money. But our troubles all boil down to people spending too much money and not paying it back. If you have poor impulse control then don't use a credit card, plain and simple. We can't requests a psych eval on every customer. Ok enough on that!

I am furniture shopping, why, I don't know! I don't have extra cash for furniture but websites lure me to the screen every night! If I had 10K, I'd get a dark brown dining set with matching hutch. I'd get a fancy set for the baby's room. I'd buy a black set for myself. I'd also buy a workstation for the kitchen. But in reality land, I'll have my bedroom hutch (the one that was in my nursery, luckily those were before the days of disposable furniture!) and my long dresser is going in the kitchen. Yup, it will be the work station I need for Dad (for his messy tea and coffee making, I don't want him mucking up my pretty kitchen). I have plans to make it prettier, but is a solid piece of furniture, why not use it? Natalie's room will have her baby hutch, painted "Price Charming" which is dark purple. Her headboard was free from a yard sale, it will also be purple. If I am lucky I'll find another dresser for her to add to the collection. For the dining room, we'll use the mismatched stuff we have now. My house is going to be decorated in early yardsale - ha!

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