Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm back!

Did you miss me? I went to Myrtle Beach for 9 days and had a good time. We stayed at Dayton House this year and their pools were the best of any hotel that we've stayed at. Rooms were a good price too I think, we had a full kitchen and it was $68 a night.

The rumor mill has been turning while I've been gone. I still have 900 email posts from APC to dig through but from what I've spot read, we might get TWO weeks out of this batch of referrals. At this point since I have so long to wait its not really important, I still think I will get a referral at 15 months, around Feb 2007. I was pretty upset at that but really, what is another 5 months? Its a lot of extra $ saved up that's for sure.

My house fever has hit an all time high. I want a house on a certain part of one road. You would think that would be hard to find, but it seems like one comes for sale every 6 months. There were 2 for sale before I left and one sold. Now there are two new ones that are 50K less because they are 20 years older. One of them I really like..I really really like it....twitch twitch...its really hard to be good!

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