Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hee hee!

If you heard a little squeal around 1pm this afternoon, that was SO ME!

I went Ross-ing. It's my favorite store, but you probably already know that by now. Lookie at what they had!

Robeez! I love them! And I've never been able to fork over the $$ for them. Natalie had a knock off pair that I loved from Target but these are so much nicer :) For a whole $9.99 I got a pair of Robeez and 4 pairs of cute socks. OOOHH happy day! And I got them in 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months! Yipppeeee!

And while looking on Ebay to steal the picture above, I saw they had brown gift packs too. I am going to have to go "Ross-ing" in the next city too!

I will confess, I spent some $$ today on her. But I had to get it out of my system and I feel a lot better. My plan is to buy as much as possible used. But I like new shoes and onesies, shoot, even compact-ers will buy new undies and shoes.

I got 3 3-packs of onesies (one long sleeved) for $5 per pack. That is like the gerber price but they were Carters so that makes me happy. I also got this blanket for $5:

(ya I stole this from Ebay too, today is a lazy picture day). How funny is this? I am going to do a yellow bumper in the white crib and use this blanket. Second time around, you learn ya, I really DIDN'T need hundreds of dollars of baby bedding. Oops.

So now that I've scratched that itch, I can focus on my to do list. I have to:
1. Finish remodeling the den (pull up tack strip, put in hardwood, paint walls, paint ceiling and install 2 new light fixtures)
2. Get the little house ready to sell (clear out basement, seal it, paint it, paint the retaining walls, install garage door, paint various things inside and outside)
3. Market that condo like no one's business. Hey, anyone want a condo?
4. Sell the Camaro (ya, I have one, it is old, used to be cool, hugely neglected, it is a big blue pile of guilt)
5. Keep selling extra stuff. Next Sat is the yard sale - yay!

Whew that is it for now - see ya!


Eliza2006 said...

Funny the things you learn the 2nd time around...the baby spent the entire summer in a onsie. I think I spent a total of $20 on his summer wardrobe. Eliza had so many things that she only wore a few times around and all I wanted to put her in were onsies, lesson learned!

bajones said...

Did I miss an announcement? Onsies? Tiny shoes? crib bumpers?!?!?!??!!!!!!

Elizabeth J.

Kim said...

Next summer!! Next summer! YAY! lol

K said...

I have more baby clothes and things than I will *need* but I am indulging myself to keep the wait exciting. I've slowed down a lot because I have so much and what I have I love, but I can't resist a size 4 now and then. I learned how the store sales work and, of course, used is great.

I've already decided that I'll continue to save my gorgeous newborn stuff for when my daughte becomes a mom herself. How's that for forward thinking?

Kim said...

K - I've been buying things up to a size 6 for Natalie. I figure it is better to get it for $2-3 early than to pay $20 it right when she fits in it. I don't know if Old Navy is your style, but they have great clearance sales.

T - You are like my baby clothes role model! Pjs and onesies are the way to go :)

Cat said...

Yay! I get my Robeez on consignment :-) They're so expensive otherwise!