Sunday, October 04, 2009

Catch up Post

Church directory picture day:

(don't you love it when clearance + etsy + yard sale + hand me down = cute outfit?)

Her hair has lightened so much since coming home. There s a lot of red in it now.

I don't mind Olan Mills pictures but these people were nuts. I can buy a pack of pictures for about $20 with OM everywhere but at church that night. Get this, $74.99 SPECIAL was..... 2 5x7s. That is it. After I gave him my "You HAVE to be kidding look" I said no thanks. He was like, it is a beautiful picture of your little girl! I laughed and said ya, I have several thousand of those!Waiting for bobo to come out of the washer. (I cut her hair, the bald spot layer had almost caught up to her regular layer. So I did a quick snip all the way around to get rid of the thin pieces. Then I pulled her hair straight up and evened up her long bangs and the sides. Now her ends flip up a little bit and look so much thicker! )

(hand me down + consignment + yard sale + = pupple! I am rather pleased with myself, the rainbow on the front of the hand me down shirt matches the rainbow stitching on the back pockets on the consignment skirt! And don't get me going on how perfect the 50 cent yard sale tights match all the Gap stuff she was given. Love it!)

Not the best pictures in the world, but I wanted to capture the excitement of PUPPLE tights! I'm waring PUPPLE tites to scool MAMA! BTW, the banana was for bobo.

Had a yard sale, made $102.50 after I spent like $20 on Sharon's stuff!

Ran the numbers, after the next sale on Sat, I'll be donating everything on Monday Jan 4th. With the medical birth costs for DD2, I'll be able to itemize. I am going to purge 75% of what we own. Maybe once all the clutter is gone, I'll like the house better.

All the carpet is gone from the den. Little outdoor cat got in, infected indoor cat with fleas so we've been battling the little buggars left and right. I didn't want carpet in the den anyway, so it was a great excuse to rip it up. I'll be taking up the tack strip this week in hopes of laying the wood laminate in a week or two. I was going to do real wood, but laminate is pretty durable when it comes to kids and it is super cheap.

I ordered DD2s cloth diapers on Ebay. I got 12 pocket dipes with 24 microfiber inserts for $69. I also ordered various monkey flannel online to make new wipes and to use on the backs of my infant size and small size inserts. I am also going to trim out half of the inserts with the flannel to turn them into larger sized prefolds. Then I can buy a couple of covers, sell off all the pieces I didn't use with Natalie and be a happy camper! (BTW, 1 month of CDing pays for all the supplies so it really isn't that expensive overall plus I'll g et $50ish for the pieces I am selling!)

Spent $19 on baby clothes. I'll try to stop now lol

This was all $8, special holy cow it is in the end of the day deal - look at all the baby clothes we have left - mark them down!

The ones on the outside are carters, can't remember he middle one.
How can you not get this?

2 more carter and a new red knit 2 piece. It is so cute! So 5 sleepers and a new outfit for $8. Sold!

Now I probably wouldn't of bought this stuff but Mom bought it for $6 total.

There were 5 other pieces that went into the reject pile.

And I bought this earlier in the year before I decided on DD2, just really wanted it. I got it at our MOD sale, half off, so I think I paid $4.50 for these pieces and the middle jumper has the tags on it (youngland!):

At the consignment store, right at $4.50

I am pretty sure I saw the donald duck onesie at Disney for $15ish. It is brand new, the little plastic tag holder thingy is still on it.

This is just yummy. Gymboree, new with tags, half off of orange tag day...$4.50. It will look beautiful on her!

Let's see, what else. I am battling the crud, like i have for a month now. Felt great yesterday woke up today after my nap (I don't get to sleep the night through, I like to refer to the 3-4 hours I get as my powernap) feeling like poop again. The baby is fighting off a cough and some snot, I liek to call it seasonal snot, all the kids have it. YUCK!

Enough for now, I am going to run and make chicken tacos for lunch - yum! Bye!

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