Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Three and Four

All the trash was hauled to the road for bulk pick up yesterday. My arms, legs, back and hands are sooo sore. The damp corner in the basement isn't damp anymore (I dryblocked it). The wet corner in my basement (under the front porch) is now dry. I'll dryblock it this afternoon after the carpet guy leaves. I have only sealed 25% of the space and cleaned 50%. But I am confident that I can store more things down there without them getting funky.

I found out my Dad's huge 60-70's stereo was actually my Mom's. It was the first thing she bought herself when she was 18ish and moved out of the house. She wants it back and I am all over that. It is 6 feet long and weighs several hundred pounds, I am not sure how she is going to get it to her house, but that is a nice big item out of the way.

Today my brother is coming to paint the den. The carpet guy comes at 1pm to measure. They are backed up about 10 days with installation so in the next couple of weeks that room will be done and I'll just shut the door. Then we'll head to the little house and measure there.

I let the baby choose the carpet for the playroom (I'll put both girls into the red nursery with only beds and clothes and put all the toys in the playroom). The little house will soon be sporting purple carpet called "violet". So I'll have two bright rooms, good thing the rest of the place is white with tan or brown floors.

Bye for now - Kim

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