Friday, October 30, 2009


Old Navy is like crack to me. Today, if you were the first of like 100 people in the store, you got a golden ticket, aka, 50% off shopping tote.

I think the idea was to just fill the tote. I checked with management, nope, if you had a golden ticket then you could buy anything you wanted. Twitch.

My winter clothes are in pitiful shape and the tops are too big. Why is it, when I actually loose a little weight, it doesn't come off my considerable sized rear end? I already had jeans in a smaller size brand new and I'd never really bought myself anything at Old Navy. It seemed like everything was too short.

Well I hate to tell all my short friends, this year is the year of giant at Old Navy. Tops are way past my butt, sleeves go *gasp* an INCH past my wrist.

So I bought all my winter clothes today. After ONs prices, I won't shop at Lane Bryant again unless I get a $15 off of $15 coupon. Example, my brown pea coat from LB was $150. My black pea coat from ON today was... $30. It isn't that much different and since I wore holes in the brown one, it was time for a new coat. I feel pretty sharp in it. I got work tops for $3.50-6 and sweaters for $12.

But I didn't stop with me. I raided the clearance rack for Natalie for next year. They had convertible capris for $5.99. Extra 50% off clearance, plus my golden ticket. I paid $1.50 for pants, $3 for sweaters, $1.75 for skirts, it was madness. I also got her and DD2 matching Halloween PJS for just buck! Shoot, princess PJs were just $2. Tank tops were 23 cents. I bought a beautiful red ruffled dress for holiday pictures. I stocked up on tights, at $2.50 a pair, it would be dumb not to.

Then for kicks I bought my brother a whole new wardrobe. His clothes were in worse shape than mine. I bought him the same pea coat but cut for a guy in charcoal gray for $27.50. He also got a sherpa hoodie. Rugby polos, button up shirts and zip up light jackets were $7.50. Guy henleys were also $3.50. Nice sweaters, $10. I didn't buy him pants (he is 6-4, I can't ever get that right) but he is set from the waist up for all of winter plus some.

So for $291, I outfitted myself, my brother and my kiddo for a long time. I think that is pretty good.

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Kristen Bieber said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that if you do ever buy pants for you brother that ON dot com has tall sizes. My hubby is 6'4 too and thats where I get his pants.