Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 5

of getting my act together.

So I did get off my butt and spent my 35th birthday dry blocking a small room in my basement that is actually under my front porch. That is my problem area, I always have a small puddle of standing water. So I mopped it up, hit it with the fan for an hour and hopefully sealed it. Tomorrow is sunny too, so I'll do another coat. For kicks, I think I'll smear a bunch of caulk all over it too.

I also tore out my 8ft front flower bed that was way overgrown. I trimmed down my peonies, dug out those stupid rock lilies that I try to kill every year (I don't like poke-y plants) and tried to pull up 4 o'clocks. I like the 4 o'clocks but they grow so weedy. If they'd just stay in one spot and grow instead of popping up here and there I'd like them a lot more. I have a weird stump thing to saw down tomorrow, who knows what that is. I went to Home Depot and bought 2 6packs of winter pansies (one purple, one purple/yellow mix) and 6 bags of Scotts black mulch. It is suppose to stay blacker longer than other brands. I have to admit it looks pretty sharp, and it should, it was twice as much. I got about half of the weed block (cat chow bags cut open) down and half of the mulch. I hope to finish it tomorrow. If I feel super energetic, I might grab my handy dandy metal head stick thing (matic? madic?) and start chopping the mulch line around the house.

The crap pile was picked up today. Trash guy actually saw me digging out the bed as he drove by and I was like great, I missed it, the yard waste will be here 2 weeks. Well danged if he didn't come back. He saw me cutting the whole thing down and he came back like 1.5 hours later to get it. I thought that was nice.

I took Natalie for her first Trunk or Treating today. She wore her Ariel costume over a turtleneck, she looked like a little yardsale reject. She'll be Mulan tomorrow and Tinkerbell on Saturday. Yes, we like Disney, why do you ask?

Here she is in one of her Halloween outfits. Her head looks freakishly huge in this pic I think, must be the angle.

My Mom kept going on and on about taking me out for dinner. That is something my Dad did mostly. Not only did she take me out, we went somewhere somewhat hip. Stir Fry had half off sushi and I was able to have spicy tuna rolls for my Birthday. She also bought a Cuisinart pan that goes with my other pieces (super duper clearance, $15!). So I thought that was all nice and worth noting.

But here is the best present I could of ever of gotten :)

The church arranged with Olan Mills to send the picture I wanted so badly. They even sent two, one for me, one for John. Absolutely the best thing I've ever gotten in the mail. I can't bear to hang it on my wall yet, but I am so happy to have it.


K said...

I'm glad you came to a decision that you feel good about. Without all that stuff in the little house, will you have all the space you need?

What a miracle that you were able to get the pictures of your dad and Natalie from Olan Mills.

I'm not sure if you wanted to keep it private or just couldn't talk/type it right now, but I have been wondering if your dad died of a heart attack and if it was in his sleep. When I first read your post asking for advice about which house to keep you mentioned the memory of your dad dying in his room. When I left my apartment I was very sad to leave because it was the place where my grandmother died and some of my cats. I felt sad about leaving my dear little home that had kept me safe and cozy during such intimate times. Since you don't feel that your new house was your home yet, I can see why you've chosen the small house. Will you be able to sell the big one easily?

Stephe said...

What an AMAZING picture of the two of them. I can only imagine how it makes you feel...I got all teary eyed when I scrolled down and saw it! Hugs girl.

iamwright said...

I'm glad you went out...and the picture is precious! Love it!