Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day Two of the List

I spent 10 hours in the basement of the little house today. I cleaned, I sealed the concrete block walls, I organized the stuff that was already in there and vacuumed like no one's business. the basement has been the dumping ground for all things crappy for the past 7 years. Not just me, but Dad too. It was the place you tried not to remember existed because you felt guilty for all the stuff down there. Bread maker not working right? Put it in the basement to "try it again later". Air purifier stopped working? I bet it's just a switch or something, put it in the basement and I'll fix it later.

Um..well so today I tossed those things. I tossed so much stuff from there the trash pile is the size of my car. Dad loved to play with motors and hated to toss anything electrical. Things were piled on his shelves with a thick coating of dusty crud. I don't even think anyone else would want them so out they went. I also pulled out a desk that we were going to use to work on down there (I got it for free at my Mom's job) to take to the road to recycle (a buba will come in a truck and take it home). I am also curbing some end tables.

I also played the "name that smell" game. I can smell things miles away (and I think that is why I am fat, if you can smell good, food tastes better!). When I bought the house, there were floor to ceiling wooden shelves. But the basement was wet at the door and damp everywhere else. So you can image how nasty that wood smelled. It was one of the first things to go. So over the years, Dad has fixed the water issue but the smell remained. Tonight I discovered where it was. I have about 60 linear feet of wooden shelving built into 4x4s that we thought had escaped the funkyness. Nope. The top shelf of each unit was gross.

So tonight I released quite a bit of anger in general and beat the.. well you know... out of one of the units. I took my Grandfather's red hammer (they don't make that size and weigh anymore, it is fab) and just demolished it. I recommend when you are mad/sad/upset beating the crap out of something with a hammer really does help. I am also happy to report I have the other one to tear out tomorrow and it is bigger and should be lots more fun to whack.

I also have to cart all the trash to the road for bulk pick up. I am not looking forward to walking up my driveway 80 times tomorrow. But I'll do it. Blah.

Two large dressers, one night stand, one jelly cabinet, one secretary and one dining room table is now gone. Also 5-6 oil paintings. They are now with my step mom's kids, where they should be. Two pick up truckloads are gone, it is a good feeling.

I am tired, bye for now.

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