Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cheapo Alert!

I have deals people! I'm all about not paying full price for stuff so I can put my moola to other better use (hello...adoption! :)

This weeks deals include:
Buy 1 can of fruit $1
Buy 1 can of tomatoes $1
Buy 16 cans of veggies (the 60 cent ones)
Get an instant $3 off with your card and use this PDF to get $10 back in the mail. For those who don't pay tax of food, congrats, you just made a buck. For us cheapos in TN, we about break even.

Also, head on over to ebay and buy one of these:
While you at Kroger, buy 10 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats for $15, then apply coupons. Then send off for the $10 rebate she includes with the coupons. 10 boxes of cereal for tax..ok, I can handle that :)

CVS- Buy 3 L'oreal products and get $10 Extra bucks back on your card. The have HIP BOGO and you can use shampoo. If you want to go the cheap route get shampoo for $4 a bottle or pick up three eyeshadows for stocking stuffers. You can use the extra bucks for the next deal and keep cycling them over and over :)

Walgreens - Don't forget about the Sept rebates, they end any day now. Oct starts on Sunday I think.

For extra savings be sure to match your coupons up with these deals for extra savings. I'll post more when I find them :)

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