Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Beach Bound

I am going to try the beach again with my Mom and the baby. The trip last year was awful. I am hoping a 3 day quick trip will be ok. We leave tomorrow at 3:30, straight from work!

I've never been to the beach in July. I've never been over a holiday weekend. I might really regret this! lol

Kaitlynn is a mean little kitten that poops on the floor. I've never had a kitten that didn't litter train themselves,. Any hints? I am hoping the scruff holding and tummy rubbing will tame her like all the other little mean kittens I've raised.

We'll be back on Monday - bye!

2 comments: as we know it. said...

Hope you had a great time, good luck with the kitty training!

K said...

Confine her to a small space with her bed, food/water and litterbox. Give her a "softy" which is a bit of fake fur, mini blanket sized, so she can mush on it, suck it, drag it around, etc... Praise her when she goes in the box. Dig in the box yourselt to show her. Put her in the box before your let her out of the confined space and after she eats (after washing her face).