Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yard Sale & Old Navy Fun

No shown, a pink top that I thought was a dress (a size 10 girls top, she thinks it is funny and wears it), an oversized tshirt and 3 hardcover nice winnie the pooh books. I've started stockpiling larger sizes, I'd rather resell them in my own yard sale later if needed, than to not have it when she needs it! $10.25

The little white skirt is a crinkle hippie fabric, it is really cute.

Old Navy had 50% off of clearance for 3 days. I bought the last of the kiddos clothes for next summer :) Missing from the picture is another pair of hot pink PJs, 2 pairs of men's pj pants, 4 men's tshirts, 1 men's polo shirt and 3 tank tops. I spent about $84 before tax, the total price before discounts was $413!

One for this winter and one for next.

For this winter and next summer.

Hot pink stripe for this year, Disney. The other two are next summer.
Next summer, I think these are SO cute! The skorts are terry cloth and were $1.24. The tops were $2.99.
The bottoms were $2.73, the tops were $1.24. This will be for this summer (with a belt!) and next summer probably. My kid is skiiiiin-ny, she can actually wear a 12 month if it is long enough.

Purple for now, stripes for next year, tights for this year and next. I thought the tights were cute for 50 cents.

I like this polo too, it was just $1.24.

The heart suit is for next summer, the mermaid one is for 2 summers away (just $3 each, they are so nicer than the suit she got this year).

Shorts, way big (5T) but $2.74 so I got them. The other dark ones are 4T, so a couple of summers away. The tan ones are really big 2Ts so she'll wear them this summer and next :)

I'll post some pictures of the kiddo soon, bye!

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Jill said...

Great job Kim! That is awesome!