Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Pictures

Saturday was my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Now before you do the math (my mom is 60), my "Pop" is my Grandmother's 2nd hubby!

The kiddo was pretty good (she hasn't been good the past couple of weeks to the point of either she or I was going to get pills, lots and lots of pills. But she is back to her cheerful to love 2 year olds!)

After we took the cake apart, I decorated her head with some of the flowers hehe

She really liked her new hairdo!

I thought she was just drinking water fountain water from a cup...
nope, doing a swish spit - the kids at daycare do it a 2 year old thing? (and yes, I made her stop after I took the picture! :)



Then we went to the fireworks. This was the first year we watched them from the edge. Who knew they were being set off 200 feet from us? Great spot, no traffic!

I have lots of video too. I love fireworks.

And here is just an extra picture, Kaitlynn being all sweet and not so crazy kitten like.

Bye for now!


Briana's Mom said...

Your girl is such a cutie! Beautiful smile!

RamblingMother said...

Love the hair piece. Happy anniversary to your grandparents.