Saturday, July 18, 2009

Final Payment - Woot!

I made the final payment on our trip to Disney!

Food reservations? Check!
Show reservations? Check!
Halloween tickets? Check!
Photopass preordered? Check!
Bank account at negative $500? Check! lol

We have free dining and are eating at some great places...
Chef Mickey (character meal)
Crystal Palace (character breakfast)
Le Cellier
Tepan Edo
Captains Grill
Kona (twice! yippee!)
Yak and Yeti
Chef De France
Grand Floridian Cafe

I am making packing lists now. We have less than 45 days to go now - woohooo!

I've printed maps on where to stand during parades, I know the hours of each park and where we'll be on what day. I have things planned so our beach towels can dry between water parks, I know the times for all parades and fireworks. I don't want to say I know it all, but I know a WHOLE LOT!

I got the baby these on Ebay for the trip:

This is the ebay picture, you can barely see Mickey on the leg.

And I didn't know really what I was getting with this because of the bad picture. It ended up being white and pooh is pink and purple and there are sequins on it! :)

3 comments: as we know it. said...

You are the queen of planning...especially when it comes to vacations!

chinamom said...

Yes - she IS the queen of planning and as a result this is the most efficient vacation I have ever "planned"! (We are joining Kim and Natalie in Florida)

Thanks Kim!

Jeannine and Sophie

Kim said...

It is going to be so much fun!