Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've bought the baby a V-day present :)

I did decide on a charm bracelet. For her first charm I got something very simple:

Two hearts, hers and mine, sweet huh?

It was harder than I thought finding her a bracelet and the one I got it still too big. I guess we'll just look at it until she's old enough to wear it :)

Did I ever mention I have 45 strands of pearls from China? Hehe I really do. Here is the story...
We go to the Pearl market and walk into a store. They have nice cabinets and fixtures and they wanted $90 to string black freshwater pearls. I wasn't happy with that at all :( So I went next door. Now that was fun! Pearls in huge Ziploc bags. I picked out some oval ones I really liked and she put 38 in the calculator. I was unhappy again, where were my cheap pearls? Then it dawned on me, 38 yuan? So I show her 38 yuan and she nods her head. SCORE!

I ended up with a strand of the black pearls like what was next door unstrung for 90 YUAN ($13) not $90. I got three small white semi round ($2), 38 of the ovals in pink, peach, purple, silver, white and ivory (a little over $5 each), two strands of chunky round weird ones ($3) and a dyed yellow strand ($3). Heheeeeeee

So the plan was to make the baby a piece of jewelry every year for gotcha day. I need clasps and some pretty filler beads which I am trying (of course) to find a good deal on.

I wish I had spent $500 on pearls to make stuff with for resale. Etsy is an Ebay type site where you sell home made stuff. They have things like that. Would of been a great fundraiser for Jenna.

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