Sunday, January 27, 2008

CVS Deals today

Is there a 12 step program for CVS? Sheez, I'm a wild woman!

I went there with my coupons and had it all figured out. But I forgot shampoo then saw someone I knew (hi Angie, but a different Angie than below!) and boom, mommy brain kicks in. So poor me, I have to go back tomorrow, you'd think I did that on purpose

First Transaction
4 packs of cottonelle TP (20 double rolls) - $19.96
Cinnamon spice - .88
- $4 off of $20
- $6 ECB
- $5 ECB
-------$6.38 out of pocket. Please note, this is like 160 regular rolls of TP. Heee heeee heeeee And $8 ECBs printed :)

Second Transaction
2 robitussin - $12
1 tylenol - $8
1 razor $9.99
8 skippy peanut butters - $12
1 Arm and Hammer toothpaste - $1.99
1 Stayfree - $3.29
1 more TP - $4.99
$4 skippy coupons
$6 robitussin coupons
$4 tylenol coupons
$2 razor coupon
$10 off of $50 coupon
$1 toothpaste
$1 stayfree
$20 ECB----------- $6.19 Out of pocket
Normally I would of had half a brain and gotten another TP and used that $8 ECB and paid almost nothing out of pocket. But I wasn't thinking that fast!

CVS deals this year:
Cost of Goods - $348.99
Out of Pocket - $35.09
ECBs ready to spend $33 :)


Mrs. Elliott said...

I wish we had a CVS nearby! I'm jealous of all those great deals you ladies get! I guess Walgreens will have to do for us, they're everywhere here in the northwest.

Sarah said...

Ditto to Mrs. Elliot's comment. I only have Walgreen's. I actually sent an email to CVS to tell them to build one in my town (Bakersfield, CA). It's nice to dream.

Lisa Knight said...

If there is a program I don't think I'll be going any time soon!!! Still haveing so much fun with all the savings. Maybe I'll stop before I have 50 extra toothpastes...MAYBE!

Lorelei said...

Wow! Awesome deals Kim! Now where to store it all....