Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Update

Today was just a normal day for us. Funny how normal seems so busy now?

I got one post today, boo hoo, I wanted two. Look at me being all greedy! lol

I started cleaning out the front room, holy cow what a mess. I was able to clear out some trash and collect a lot of packing peanuts to freecycle. I was also able to consolidate some rubbermaid containers and move some things from Walmart type bags to those containers.

For kicks I am going to track how much I spend on clothes to consign. I have pulled out 20 adult sized items to take in throughout the year. They are good name brands and too nice for a yard sale you know? Some of them are from Goodwill's 50 cent sale (brand new dockers with the tags? hello, yes I'll take those thanks) and some are from family members (have I ever mentioned I'm the only frugal one in my family?). I'll update ya as I go.

Let's revisit my cheap frugal nature. We had a Goody's close and they had clearanced out all their stuff. They had old men sweaters on sale.

Guess how much?

50 cents. Brand new, Ivy something or other brand old man sweaters. I got two! Those are my favorite things to wear with my jammies. That's a pretty picture huh? eck!

Next let's move to my wall. I have lived here for 5 or 6 years now, I can't remember. I have hung one picture. Just one..well until last night. This is my $16.48 beach wall, all I need to do now is upload pictures to walgreens to print. Each picture/frame was just $3. I also need to add my tiny seashell frames after I paint them. Look for an update around 2011.
God bless the makers of baby walkers. My child LOVES her walker, she flies in it. And she loves to ram me, run over cats and walk backwards in it. Tonight we upgraded it with this cute mobile. It was a freebie from the lady that sold us the exersaucer and playpen.
Oh, and playpen. I am glad someone uses it, Natalie doesn't like it at all!

Cutie is modeling two other freebies. That little Einstein book was the freebie from last Saturday. She likes how it has mirrors- she likes to lick the mirror it's gross kiss the baby. Check out those slipper boots! She dances in them, I hate to tell her that not all shoes squeak! A lady at a yard sale threw those in my bag because I bought too much, I didn't have the heart to tell her I was shopping for a girl. Good thing I didn't the baby likes them!

Tomorrow is Tia's birthday party, we are going to be stylin in Miss Angie's welcome present, a super cute blue/green carters outfit. I'll post pics :)

Night night!


OziMum said...

Cute FREE slippers!

Man, I thought I was a bargain hunter... you whip my butt! 50c?!! I don't think I've ever bought anything for 50c!

Angie said...

can't get enough pics of that sweetie...And I am most honored that she will be wearing the outfit I got her! WOW! You made my day! Have fun! Can't wait to see pics...then in just a few more days, someone else will be 1!!!!

Take care - Angie