Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Update

I know its after midnight but I forgot to post these. I am suffering from insomnia, I haven't had that problem in a long time.

I started thinking of all the cute outfits that Natalie will be too big for in the summer. This kitty outfit came from Bonnie (thanks Bonnie!) and I just love it. So all the little outfits that I love, by golly I am putting the baby in them and taking pictures! lol

Can you believe what that stinker did? Last night at 11pm she screamed. I guess in her sleep she clawed herself on the forehead. I can't keep her nails short enough, it is a big issue right now. A nice big boo boo just in time for her first year pictures!

Baby all greased up in neosporin, mama wants a good party picture!

And please don't think she spends all her time in the walker, exersaucer or crib. Because I'm single I rarely have anyone here to hold her while I take pictures. When she is confined she's easier to photograph!


~Cindy~ said...

hey your baby is adorable, isnt adoption wonderful, I have two sons via adoption they are now 14 and 13 (we got the oldest son when he was 5 days old, private adoption, and our youngest son was 20 months old, he was a family member adoption via the state of TX) anyhooo thanks for stopping by my blog

Whimspiration said...

She is just too adorable!

In case you want a few good shots without confinement, a good investment is a camera that takes a rapid sucession of shots. Mine (a cheap polaroid i832 digital) takes four at a time, and it works wonders for those 'don't want you unattended for more than a few seconds' cutie-pie shots.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

OziMum said...

Poor Natalie! My kids always scratched themselves too - you can buy/make little cotton mittens for them to wear to bed... but I doubt she'll keep them on!!!

She is still gorgeous (even with a scratch!)

Eliza2006 said...

All of the early pics of Eliza were in the highchair. Even now, people must think she lives in the tub! It's much easier to take pics of a confined baby!