Friday, January 25, 2008

January Project

I am starting something new. Every month I am going to start a new project. I'll have one month to complete it. The catch is trying to create a project that I think I can accomplish with having a baby around!

January's project is going to be short. I have a junk room, it is a 10 X 10 room that is piled shoulder high with stuff. It is all sorts of things for my yard sale, consignment sale and classified ads. I am ready to purge baby!

So right now, it's a HUGE mess. You can barely get in the room. My project for this month is to straighten that room so I won't be embarrassed to bring someone into the room to look at something for sale. I want to move the yard sale stuff (lower priced items) to one corner and put all the better things together. Anything I want to keep will go into a storage container and head to the kitchen closet.

The idea is, if someone comes to look at the extra crib, they can also see the clothes, toys and other bedding that Natalie doesn't need and buy extra things I hadn't advertised yet. I have an entire pink nursery to sell!

Today was the start to the project. I sorted through and picked out 50 outfits from size zero (premie) to size 5 little girls to put in the consignment sale. I collected all the nursery bedding for the pink room and grouped it together to take pictures for my classified ad through my bank. I've spiffy-ed up the extra stroller and found it's matching car seat cover (I told you I had a lot). I have the baby boy stuff (from a LONG time ago) going into it's own pile with the hopes of selling it as one large lot.

I think I have thousands of $$s of stuff in that room. Really, I think I do. If I had to guess, with the Disney collectibles I no longer want, as much as 3K. I want that 3k in my ING account, not in my front bedroom!


Shawnstribe said...

What a brilliant idea....a monthly project!!!

you have inspired me....mmmmmwill let you know how i get on ; )
give your precious babe a hug and squeeze from us
Shawn and Aila Mei

OziMum said...

WooHoo! Jenna will be coming home sooner than you thought?!!!