Monday, January 28, 2008

Cloth Diapers :)

I think the cloth diapers are going really well. Natalie's diaper rash is gone and washing them is really no big deal. There is something fun about hanging them all up to dry, it's very Little House on the Prairie -ish!

If you want to use cloth too and you are in my situation of having to go back to work after spending 3 months with the baby I have some suggestions.

If you have unlimited funds and you are doing cloth just to save the world, go and buy Fuzzi Bunz diapers. I would order 24 so you can do laundry every three days. But that is almost $400. But if you are going to have multiple kids, go ahead and splurge, the resale value on these diapers are great (weird I know). Get the large size, you'll be able to adjust the snaps down to a size medium with no issues.

If you are limiting your purchases, I'd like to recommend Dappi wraps and prefolds. The prefolds are really easy to use I think. I am seriously using two diaper pins, nothing fancy at all. The Dappi covers are available on Ebay for $2 each. You could get by on 24 prefolds and 8 covers. Or make your life easier and get 18 wraps like I did lol and have 50-60 diapers to go in them! Since scooter has a detergent allergy, I fluff my diapers in the dryer to knock off the lint then they air dry.

Be sure to be on the lookout for flannel sheets while yardsaling this year. You can cut them up and make wipes. Might as well, you are already washing diapers, wipes take up zero room in the washer. Be sure to look for cloth diapers too, people try them, don't put them on right (like I was in the beginning) and give up. Wash them once with bleach then toss them in with your dirties to be washed again later. It's that easy :)


Lylah said...

Hi Kim....just wanted to give you a BIG thanks for posting your sale comment on MMM blog - I love when moms pass on the deals and you got some good ones at Penneys. You go girl! blessings....lylah

Michelle Dawn said...

Great tips Kim. We plan on using cloth diapers too!