Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scooter's 1st Birthday!

The actual day is this Friday but we are having the party on Sunday :)

Who knew birthday parties were so expensive? If anyone had told me I'd spend so much I'd tell them - ha not me, I am smarter than that!

Let's break it down for what I've spent already. It is going to be at my Dad's clubhouse and I am serving BBQ. I figured it was better to have it at the clubhouse which is the size of my house but with tables, 2 bathrooms and a lot more seating areas. And the kitchen is way better too!

$35.00 Clubhouse rental
$6.96 Cake ingrediants (my mom's friend is making it for us!)
$5.26 plastic table cloths for the tables. I got the long ones because they were the same price as the short ones. I'll cut them in two.
$5.26 extra napkins and plates to go with my leftover shower stuff
$1.18 extra forks
$5.92 bbq sauce
$27.00 25 pounds of pork roast
$1.28 balloons
$2.19 treat bags
$3.00 horns for centerpieces
$93 the ultimate collections of Fisher price farm sets collected over the last 4 years :)

When I restarted my CVS bucks, I did the pepsi deal. I have 2-12 packs of diet Mt Dew and 2 bags of doritos (ya, I ate two bags of them oops). My dad has another 12 pack from the same deal and a couple of bags of chips. The pink M&Ms are going into the treat bags. I think I have enough ribbon and little thank you cards to finish up the treat bags without buying anything else.

I still need suckers, bowls, Styrofoam, curling ribbon for the centerpieces. I'll need more thank you cards. I also need to figure out the princess chair hehe

I'd like to keep it to $200 of less. I don't think I'll make it lol

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