Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Update

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Scooter is one! Her party is Sunday, I will have lots of pictures :)

We spent the day eating and shopping. Well actually eating, shopping then eating again. She had noodles from the Chinese buffet today (and they forgot to break them in two before cooking them and they were literally 2 feet long, why didn't I have my camera?) and then we went to the mall. Just so you know, there isn't a size 12 or 18 month winter coat ANYWHERE. She is popping out of her size 12 month china coat (which is cut small) and the next size up I have for her is 24 months and it is huge. So I put the huge one on, it's better than popping out of the other one! Then we went to eat tacos with more family members. No wonder the child is growing so fast, food, lots of it!

I also got her two pairs of PJs, a froggie nightgown and a carters footie sleeper in a lightweight fabric. Both size 24 months. I seem to find all kinds of stuff in the wrong sizes! But they are adorable and she'll need them in the next year. At 75%, I decided to get them :)

We also went to the consignment store in hunt for a coat in good condition. Zero coats there too! But I did take advantage of the $1 sale, all pink and white tags. I got a fantastic new looking pink shower curtain, I really like it. It is cream and pink stripe for the main body and there are bubble baths on the valance type thing across the top. All my towels are pink now and I've had my current curtain for 5 years (do I get bonus points for that?) so to get one I really like and would of paid *gasp* ATLEAST $6 for (ha) was just a buck! - makes me happy!

I also found a lot of stuff for Scooter at the sale but let me vent for a second. All you fat women out there, why aren't you consigning your clothes? I am a big girl who will buy your stuff if you will just put it in the stores for me to buy. Okie back to scooter. She got 6 different pieces of clothing! A pair of Children's Place jeans with crocheted squares on the bottom in a size 18 month, a pair of denim oshkosh overalls in a 2T, a baby Guess denim dress in a size 12 months (a big 12 months) that she can wear now, a size 18 month Halloween shirt, a pair o baby gap jeans with red heart stitching on them (cute!!) and a pretty 18 month pink onesie with roses on it :) Each a buck! The best thing about consignment stores is that they quality check the clothes and you don't have to worry about holes or stains. All these pieces have no fading and look new. Score!

Mama also cashed in and broke the budget on Feb 1 woohoo! lol I've not bought myself anything for awhile now. I got two pairs of shoes (woohoo, I have big feet and it is very hard to find shoes!) for half off. Both are Sketchers, one is a fancy ballet and the other is a mary jane. I feel sooo cool! I also got a pair of bedroom slippers (ok, so that's not as cool) and a sweater for the spring. Now why they had 3/4 length sleeved sweaters on clearance 75% off in Feb..who knows. It's turquoise tho and $10 so I am happy.

Do you know what else I can't find for Scooter? SHOES. Why are they all size 5's? And why are all the little shoes white? I need brown shoes, Carla was smart enough to get Tia brown squeaky shoes. I felt like crud and couldn't think well or I would of gotten more pairs of shoes in brown and black. Oh well.

Ok, I think that is it for now. I made the classic mama mistake of not doing laundry for two days. Of course that is all it took for the back of the kitchen to be overrun with laundry. So instead of going to bed, I have laundry to do. Pooooor me!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday N!! One is fun!
Have you checked Target for the shoes? Elizabeth may have a pair of Black ones she has outgrown,,, I'll check! Sounds like Mom and daughter are finally getting over jet lag! See you at CNY?

Michelle Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Little One :)

OziMum said...

Happy first birthday Natalie!

Hope Mama can find you some nice brown or black shoes!

MoneyCommonSense said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!! It seems mama doted on you as she should have.
My son didn't wear real shoes until he was 16 months I think. Up until then he wore Robeez shoes. I love those little cute shoes.

Doreen said...

love your site and love your girl too!
Have you tried Walmart? They have nice styles CHEAP!!!! Right now the liquidation has winter boots for $3.00 and shoes are CHEAP there too.
Doreen another single Mom to Faith and Mia

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your little one. She is so cute.