Monday, February 25, 2008

12 Month Well Baby Visit

Here are her new stats :)

31 inches tall (I knew this, her sleepers are 31 inches and she doesn't have any room left)
20 pounds 1 ounce (I would of guessed 50 or 60 pounds, boy does my arm hurt lol)
She got a ton of shots and now is a huge cranky butt.

Her car seat has been flipped around and she is a happy camper going in the correct direction :)

She still won't drink milk but does drink soy milk. I still give her formula, I'm not in a big rush to take away her bottles. She'll eat any kind of food but tends to like chicken, peas and carrots the best. She doesn't eat bread like she used to and that makes me happy. She used to choose a basket of rolls over anything else before. She'll eat an occasional saltine cracker now but that is it. She still won't eat sweets, my mom brought her a cupcake and she wouldn't eat it. She doesn't like ice cream or any kind of juice (which is fine with me). She likes apples now but only if they are cooked. She loves ruby red grapefruit and oranges. She doesn't eat bananas as much as she used to. She is all about the string cheese which is good because it is all the calcium she needs for the day and has a lot of protein. I have cantaloupe and plums on the counter ripening, so she'll try those for the first time in a few days :)

She starts daycare next Monday - boo hiss!

I got back to work two weeks from today - boo hiss!

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