Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Update

First of all, it's snowing! We might actually have accumulation! Wooohhooo!

Here is scooter enjoying mashed potatoes. I took 40 pictures, here are my favorite 25 hehe Her wild hair is the result of me trying to train it to go in the correct direction with smoothing milk and her sleeping on it afterwards lol. The kiddo has a killer swirl on the back of her noggin!

I am looking forward to trying snow again with the baby. She wasn't thrilled with it last time and I didn't really have the right kind of snow gear for her to wear. If it doesn't accumulate we are going to buy a couple of cases of soy milk at the surplus place and we'll do a CVS run (yay!).

Night night!


Amy Looney said...

All I have to say is cutest-baby-ever (I don't have kids, so I can say that...haha). She's adorable!

Southerner said...

She is so cute. I am curious if you are also from Chinese or Asian heritage. Our friends just took their 3 daughters to China to adopt a little girl. My son is dating a girl who is from Korea. Her parents are both in Korea. They lived in the states and went back and gave her the choice to come back and stay with friends. Don't really know the whole story. I know she is a blessing to you.

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Kim said...

Hi Southerner, nope I'm not Asian, and you are 110% right, she is a wonderful baby :)