Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy CNY!

Tonight was our annual Chinese New Year party at the Y. It has really grown over the years, there were so many tables I didn't bring in the walker. She seemed to enjoy herself and she proved me a liar by being a really good baby the whole time. Much thanks to all of those who put the time in to make it a grand party!

Hmmmm hmmm noodles!

Lookie at me! Happy all night!
And lookie at my fab little coat that came in today. Mama wishes she had checked the mail before the party!

Ok that is it for now. Tomorrow we'll have some fun pictures, we are going to a farm to see new baby lambs. Doesn't that scream photo op?

Night night!


Wendy said...

That color is just beautiful on her!! Stunning really....

Corrin said...

she's so sweet, i think i have a cavity!