Monday, February 18, 2008

Jane Makeup is on sale again :)

Ok I am not sure how I did it, but I feel like I robbed Walgreens today. No I really didn't I just had overages with coupons for the first time ever with them and got a lot of stuff for nothing. Usually my lots of stuff for nothing store is CVS (love me some CVS) but the Jane deal at Walgreens is just too tempting.

You go here first and print out 2, 10, or 50 of these coupons (ha!)

Then you go to page 7 of the monthly coupon book and get the $2 off a Jane mascara.

This makeup is BOGO and you can use 2 $2 coupons per pair. A lot of the makeup is $3.99. Ummm..that is free :) Even better, the mascara is $3.99 for two and you can use two of the printables and one of the walgreen's coupons for a $2 overage :)

Soooo...4 mascara, 2 blushes, 4 mineral makeups and a hair of baby hair rubber band thingies and I am OOP $1.50. hee heee heeee

Ask me how I did it? Heck if I know. This all occurred BEFORE the HUGE starbucks I drank. If you can't tell by the post, it is now coursing through my a good way. I think I typed this post in 2 minutes. Go me!


Meredith said...

Tag, you are it (but only if you want to be! :) )

Check it out here:

Milehimama said...

I did this the last time they were on sale, and my Jane blush broke withing two days covering my drawer with rose colored powder. Have you had any problems with that? The other stuff I bought seems to be holding up!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!