Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Update

Today we went shopping (big shock there huh?). My Mom had a coat to return to Kohls so I went along with the baby. They were having a big sale, 60-75% off of baby loot. I managed to find 9 sleepers from 12 month to 4T PJs, all by Carters (It's an addiction I tell ya) for about $46. A smidge over $5 a pair, I though that was a good deal :)

(my camera isn't working well, I am afraid I am going to have to replace it)

And here is scooter in her cute hippie shirt. Nothing is more satisfying that seeing her wear something that I bought during the wait. When you shop for a baby that isn't here, you do a lot of daydreaming. The real thing is so much better :)

(I can't seem to catch her looking at me either!)



industrialpoppy said...

Hi Kim, I saw your comment on my blog and am finally able to connect to yours(for some reason it hadn't been working for me). I really like your blog! I am a single PAP and am also experimenting with living (extremely) frugally while I wait for referral. Needless to say I'll have lots of time to save up, with a LID of Aug 06. I look forward to reading your older posts as well. Take care. Leanne

Susan said...

Hello Kim,
Love checking in on sweet N! Also love the hot tip on the Carters goodies! T/Y ;) .. I owe, I owe, so off to K's I go! ..

OziMum said...

Great PJs! Bargains!