Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Update

Well I had a cute picture of the baby crushing her vtech piano but deleted it - oops!

Instead let's talk about her birthday! She got cute toys as pictured in the other post but check out the clothes! My Mom's first cousin (so is that my second?) went to the Carter's outlet and got the cutest clothes! She said she'd get something for the baby and I was thinking cool, a sleeper, she needs those. Um NO, check out these outfits! She said they went nuts because her grandkids are all boys. I love love love it all, Carters stuff is my favorite :)

All in 18-24 month styles (all cut very big) that she'll wear in the fall. And she looks so pretty in purple, I can't wait!

I also got this super cute stuff from my friend Laura and my SIL Kathy. Check out the coat, it is reversible! The zipper is ingenious on it, the pull tab loops around the top so you can flip it either way. Shoot, I should of taken a picture of the zipper! :)

Check out the hat! And Minnie Mouse, cute huh? :)

And look what mama got the baby :)

I don't want to keep talking about all the new stuff until I address some of the old stuff. I am a packarat (nice to meet ya). On my things, I tend to keep them even if they are worn out and way past their prime. Tonight I gave myself permission to get rid of stuff. And 90% of my room is going into my yardsale. I want X number of outfits that all match and x number of shoes to go with it. No more pieces and parts. I look at the baby's clothes and they all match, why can't mine? So on my quest to fix my clothes (thanks to Dad's Christmas $$) I have purchased shoes! FIVE pairs of shoes! Woohhooo! Look how cool I am? Two I got at the mall, three I bought online :)

I don't want you all to think I am abandoning my cheap frugal ways,I am just finally getting organized :)


Mrs Nespy said...

I do not receive the ads does one go about that?

By the way...thanks for stopping in to visit my blog. Your daughter is adorable, although I can only see a few pics of her (I'm at work at certain pic files don't load from websites).

girlville said...

you know, it's a fact that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. there is simply no need to have a bunch of stuff taking up space in your closet. figure out what you need and donate/sell the rest! ps: there are great outlets for kids at myrtle beach including carters...i think you have mentioned before that you go there sometimes...we get pretty much all of our clothes at the outlets there!