Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Update

On my mom's lap, upside down. She flops backwards and just laughs and laughs!

My bathroom refresh is almost done. I got delayed a little bit because I am a klutz. I stepped on a teething ring, slid, caught the xylophone with the other foot, bounced off the walker and landed on the hardwood on the left side of my body. I am bruised and I pulled the insides of my arm out of whack. Unfortunately when I slid on the xylophone it rubbed plastic on the floor that I can't get off. I also managed to carve a nice dent in the floor next to it that you really can't see. I am more perturbed about the floor that my bruised up arm!

But I did manage to get the hard stuff done, the stucco, caulk, paint and grout. I still have to buy a towel bar and put it up. I'd like to add a corner shelf near the window and another shelf above the door for plants. I also need to make a curtain and clean up a few paint drips here and there. But I can do all that once I can lift my arm over my head again lol

My next project is going to be my breakfast nook. The walls in there are stuccoed too (the whole house is). I want to touch up the plaster then paint the walls and ceiling. I want to spray paint the silver curtain rods black. I also want to paint two of kitchen chairs black and order a new small table made out of rubber wood (hardwood that stains like maple at a pine price) in a reddish medium brown color. I want to make new curtains to match the beach theme of the living room. I want to spray paint the old dangle light fixture (which I like, it is just yellow) a cool color and make a sleeve to cover up the dangle chain doo-hickey. I want to add quarter round and add some pretty color china pieces to the glass front cabinet that faces the nook. This is all quite a project, I really hope to get it all done before I go back to work on March 10!

My bargain hunting skills come honestly. I got my Valentine's day present today from my Dad, bought after the 14th on clearance :)


And this is why I never throw away gift bags. Even if they are wrinkly and messed up, they make excellent toys!

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