Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday Update

Sorry, no pictures today. But she was really cute like normal!

Today we went to her daycare to check it out. It seems to be ok, there are just two things that bother me. One, there are some HUGE 1 year old kids out there that look like they are 4. Two of those "kids" are in her class and one was really rough. He doesn't leave until May, that doesn't make me happy at all. I hope that today he was showing off for new people and doesn't act that way normally. If he does, his mother and I will have a chat.

Two, I can't believe the crap they serve the kids and call it lunch. Bologna, hot dogs, pizza bites? Um, I don't think so. They are serving green beans once this month but I am 90% sure they'll be from a can which has zero nutritional value. So I'll be packing her lunch and she'll be the weird kid whose Mom loves her enough to pack carrots, peas and chicken for her lunch. I thought it was just this place but reports from other parents tell me that this type of stuff is served everywhere, at school too. Ick!

Besides that I think I feel ok with the place. The women in her room seemed really nice and the kids were willing to be held by them. The kids were healthy, not a drop of snot in sight. The kids themselves were disheveled, but that was more probably from the parents not combing the bed head out of their head (nap time hadn't happened yet). The women (I call them girls in my head because they are younger than me) were ponytail, running shoes type of girls, that made me feel like they do play with the babies.

And I guess Natalie isn't really a baby or she'd be in the baby room. She got so big so quick!

On to more fun things, the baby got shoes today. We went to Target and got...

In a size larger for this summer, aren't they cute? :)These are darker in real life, they match her Carter's outfits that she'll be wearing in the fall. Good indoor daycare shoes I think.

I also bought my first reusable bag. It is larger than most that I have seen, it was $1.50. All my purchases fit in it and that is one less plastic bag in the house. Woohoo

I had fun today when we went to the salvage store (busy day huh?). They have some really weird stuff in there at good prices. 80% of it is expired, you have to make sure you aren't getting anything bad. All of my stuff is good well into 2008, I got 2 kinds of soy milk for 99 cents a quart, 3 pounds of fresh apples for $1, pickles for $1.19, cream of wheat cereal for 33 cents, 6 lipton green tea bottles for $1, some fancy smansy rice for 77 cents, old bay for 69 cents and LIME scented windex for $1.50. I really didn't need any of this, but it is fun to look. Actually between my grocery shopping for fun and Dad sending groceries to my house (today it was a pound of ground beef, a mountain dew, a chicken noodle soup, a can of ravioli, a jar of homemade spaghetti sauce and a box of velvetta shells and cheese) I have a ton of stuff. A few days ago he sent this:

And my mom is cooking enough food to feed the baby for a week, I am really overrun with stuff. My Monday Meal planning is totally shot!

Tomorrow is the baby's Valentine's day playdate :) We have 15 little bags of M&Ms with Valentines attached that have tattoos inside. How cool are we? :)


Lisa said...

Deciding on the perfect day care was always so hard for me! Hugs.

Mrs Nespy said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about all of your daycare concerns. I posted a couple of items about his daycare at my site, but I have different issues with's too much TV, although that seems to come and go depending on which teacher is left in charge. (and by too much, I mean more than just 30 min in morning before 7:00 and 30 min in afternoon after 5:30). The lunches they do are pretty good...sandwiches and junk only once a week and the snacks are only "junk" once a week. Other than that they have things like pot roast, a lot of pasta (I'm sure that's easy to make a lot of) with spaghetti and chicken tetrazzini. I've had a couple of issues with "bully" kids, but the teachers take care of that pretty well. Good was a difficult decision for us just because our baby was leaving home! =)

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I send my son to Kindercare for ten hours a week (it's short term while I have dd in preschool) and I have to say that I will be glad when summer comes and we can end or reduce it.
They do an ok job of taking care of him- but daycare in general is just a stew pit of germs. All of the kids in his toddler class takes turns having snotty noses. They do a pretty good job of providing decent food but my picky son won't eat it anyway.
Good luck finding a daycare that you like. I don't have any pointers for you except look for happy parents.