Friday, February 15, 2008

What $27 and a lot of planning can get you

I felt like I spent the day shopping. Oh wait, I did. For $27 I got...

18 Dove hairsprays
40 string cheese
2 blocks of swiss cheese
ponytail thingy for the baby
3 large boxes of Cascade
3 bags of Cascade Tablets
a box of baby aspirin
a glucose meter
3 pounds of plums
2 pounds of bananas
2 boxes of honey bunches of oats chocolate
4 boxes of cheese its
a pack of Kraft cheese singles
5 boxes of Kraft mac and cheese
a box of Kleenex
a box of eggos
a tub of countrytime lemonade
a donation to easter seals

All of this was from deals posted by my Frugal buddies on their various blogs. I went to 2 CVS', Food Lion and Target. I could of spent just $21 but I forgot to hand the cashier my ECB. I was pooped, I make mistakes when I'm tired. It was lots of fun tho, I should of taken a picture but I put it all up, toooo late!


Mrs Nespy said...

Wow! That rocks! I hope I can pull off something even something that good when I go out next week.

By the way, I am tagging you for a book meme. Have fun with it!

Tara said...

Great Shopping! Great planning! I know what is it like to try to remember to hand in a coupon. I like to write how many coupons I have on my shopping list so I won't forget. It helps a lot, especially when my youngest is going through a 2 year old fit.

Meredith said...

WOW...that's impressive!! I'm itching to get back to CVS...I have taken a week (or two?) off but think I'm going to head there tomorrow.

Stephe said...

Crap, I'm so envious!! You are my HERO!!!!! I'm looking at a previous post of all the stuff you got for $27. (cvs, food lion and target)

You know I'm hanging on your every post!!! lol. Stephe