Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Update

I spent 1.5 hours going through Natalie's clothes tonight and trying them on her. She was a good sport and only got whiny around outfit number 40 or so. Out of 45-50 summer outfits that I had saved for this summer and next summer, 19 fit. Yup, you read that right, nothing was too big and the bulk of it was too little already!

I can't complain tho, all my true favorites will fit her this summer :) I only need to buy a couple of pairs of denim capris to go with all the tshirts I have for her and that's it! All the extra clothes are going into the consignment sale on March 14th. I am really excited about that sale, I have a lot of items to put in it from my days of therapy baby shopping. Once I get the extra baby stuff cleared out and I can see everything a bit better, it's on to the bigger items. I think my goal is to get rid of half of everything. I know that sounds odd but I use the same things over and over. I can go months (years) without seeing or using something. That tells me I don't need it and it's clutter.

We were going outlet shopping for baby clothes on Thursday but now that is my bathroom makeover day. I have lived in this house for 5.5 years. Although not completely remodeled things that I first fixed now need to be updated. Well, not really updated as refreshed. The walls in my bathroom are a stucco type and I am going to touch up the walls and sand them down. I am then going to prime and paint it. Nothing too exciting, just white again. I am also going to get all the paint off the light fixture from the first paint job a kajillion years ago lol Then I am moving to the grout in the shower. I am going to do a high tech toothbrush scrubbing job and put another layer of sealer on the grout. Then I am going to caulk the weird line along the side of my tub and paint all the trim in a gloss finish. Then I am going to move to the door and sand it down and repaint it too. Somewhere in the basement I have towel racks that I bought several years ago that I hope to find and install (hey, they have to be in one of 80 rubbermaid containers lol). I am also hanging my new to me shower curtain. Once I make a new window curtain, my bathroom refresh should be complete. Mom is coming over to play with Natalie, I think I can get all this done in one day, wish me luck :)

I am totally fascinated with www.backyardaquaponics.com. Basically you have two tanks, a fish one and a plant one. You have two pumps as shown in the picture. Your fish water pumps into the gravel lined plant pots then drips back into the fish tank. That provides a nutrient and oxygen exchange and your plant grow like no one's business. Oh ya, you eat the fish too! I like to fish so that part doesn't bother me. I so want one of these systems. This company is in Australia so that doesn't help me, but I understand the concept. It's just a matter of finding the materials to build the tank and finding out how big of pumps I need. Oh, and I also need fish stock. I am thinking I am going to practice the hydroponics part of it in my kitchen this summer. I have a tall goldfish tank that I am going to try to grow veggies in. Maybe next summer? A four bed system would be half of our food for the year. And it can be as organic as I want. I SO want one of these systems! That and solar panels. Oh and chickens, like 4 of them. But I don't think I can have those in the city. Rambling done - have a good night!


girlville said...

if you get your bathroom refresh done in a day you are amazing! i want a worm farm for composting and chickens for organic eggs so i think you fish farm would be great.

Meredith said...

I'm going through the same thing right now...we have been in our house for 5.5 yrs also and it is time to update some of our decor. And to finish what we never really got around to. It is fun to search for deals and to make small changes isn't it? :)